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11 Apr, 2022
International education service company M Square Media (MSM) and its partner, Canada-based Capilano University (CapU), hosted an “Agent Networking S...Read More

24 Mar, 2022
International education platform M Square Media (MSM) is expanding its brand of quality education management in Australia with its new MSM Australia...Read More

02 Feb, 2022
One of the most important aspects of a student’s international education journey is student accommodations. Being able to find a safe and comfortabl...Read More

16 Nov, 2021
Abcodo continues its webinar series with a session with the representatives of the Trebas Institute. Slated on Nov. 19, 2021, at 3 pm IST, the webinar...Read More

08 Oct, 2021
(October 2021) Insufficient in-country preparation could still be hampering complete international student integration at US universities, higher educ...Read More

11 Sep, 2021
(August 2021) Casita, an all-in-one platform for student accommodation showcasing over one million rooms across 62 destinations, has partnered with AI...Read More

01 Sep, 2021
(August 2021) Indian students aspiring to study overseas but affected by delays in the Grade 12 results due to the second wave of COVID-19 can turn to...Read More

31 Aug, 2021
(August 2021) As many countries have rolled out aggressive vaccination policies for their citizens, the COVID-19 vaccine is poised to help facilitate ...Read More

07 Aug, 2021
British Columbia-based Q Academy, a pioneer in tech-focused education, taps into online learning with the soft-launching of Q Academy Kids (QA Kids), ...Read More

29 Jul, 2021
(July 2021) Leading international education platform M Square Media (MSM) has announced the formation and launch of the MSM UK and Europe Advisory Boa...Read More

17 Feb, 2021
After several months of laying the groundwork and engaging with partners, MSM Higher Ed, a comprehensive platform for effective, modern education mana...Read More

23 Jan, 2021
M Square Media, or more fondly known in the industry as MSM, is a success story like no other. Bootstrapped right from the beginning, MSM’s growth e...Read More

11 Jan, 2021
63% are highly optimistic of current online recruitment efforts but many are still grappling with the transition from a largely face-to-face business ...Read More

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