glasgow restaurants

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Glasgow restaurants



Consider this. A nice evening opening with some great spanners (and a dead Piaggio scooter) placed in the lurid editor's back yard, which ends up on a restaurant lobby I worked in. Hi, this is Rachel Hamill at your service with a little picture of Bukhara, the exotic Indian eatery in Glasgow!


When it comes to a Glasgow restaurant like koolba , there are some teensy weensy problems. But let's make a smooth start first. Before I personally looked into koolba, my pal suggested that koolba has a "thank-you, mate" curry, which might make me bump into the restaurant's owner - Archie Shariff. But "what on the earth is meant by bump into?" - I asked. Just imagine Shariff standing at his restaurant's doorway with hands extended to welcome and the guy has a grin on the face! Forget all that... let's just get practical here.


Let's take a clear look at this restaurant. The whole premise was rebuilt couple of years back. You notice Archie at the door. You get to enjoy some special menus. This includes the terrific and sizzling Rashmi kebab containing spiced minced tandoory chicken. This gets only better with the gentle sweet-and-sour north Indian cuisine called potato papri chatt. Wait! I'm not finished yet. You also get to enjoy chick peas along with deep spiced piled heavily on crisp-and-soft fried crispy dough. The whole idea felt to me like a transformation of street food menu to a classy restaurant set in a hotel. But I did admit the whole ideal and the spirit behind it is absolutely superb!

But when I put a review on a restaurant - especially a Glasgow restaurant, I do try to be specific. So let's get to the points, shall we? You can eat a chicken handi and/or a lamb handi. Interestingly enough, both are named after narrow pots that are used for cooking those dishes. I couldn't help my wonders when I came to know that both were miserably simple, deep. They were prepared and cooked within the borders of Mother India originally. But they made their way across the Atlantic... right from Indian restaurants' menu to the Scottish mainstream eateries.


And would you mind knowing who the show's star is? Well, you can't help turning the focus on the mathi chaman, which is comprised of curried cheese, delicate spices and mushrooms. Eating this in a Glasgow restaurant like koolba is like looking at a regular scrambled egg which tastes wholly different than usual and exotically fresh and, in fact, in spite of the picture it conjured in my mind, brilliant!


Nevertheless, there're also quality monkfish kebabs (that eventually loses 'something' through their marinating procedure), paneer chawal and rice (prepared with Indian cheese), and the kulcha (which is generously filled with well set onions and potatoes). Man... in this kind of a Glasgow restaurant, getting all that under a decent price ceiling (£15 ceiling is for 2 courses and £20 is for 3) did feel like a gourmet privilege! So are you ready to explore koolba yet!



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