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Are pink diamonds the most expensive?

Posted 21 Dec-2021 09:29 PM by Al | 789

Hollywood has long been enthralled by its articulate jewellery trend-setters. One of Hollywood's newest trends that the globe is eagerly chasing is the introduction of the pink diamond as the most popular stone for jewellery.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most well-known celebs who has been photographed wearing a pink diamond ring. Ben Affleck proposed to J.LO with a beautiful pink diamond engagement ring weighing 6.1 carats and priced at $1.2 million!

Pink diamonds are not only enticing and beautiful, but they are also one of the rarest stones in the world, second only to red diamonds. Its rarity is what makes it unique and attractive among jewel collectors, investors, and investors. It appears to be highly fascinating due to its rarity and perplexing natural pink tone, and it remains a mystery to the rest of the globe due to its shape, geometry, and colour.

Apart from the fact that pink diamonds are indisputably beautiful, their great value originates from their extreme rarity. Pink diamonds have traditionally been prized by royalty and are now valued at millions of dollars per carat, with large carats and vibrant colours in short supply.

The pink diamonds we see most frequently in pink engagement rings, such as Blake Lively's huge pink diamond engagement ring, look to be paler in hue, with such strong, pure pinks commanding a far higher price.

Pink diamonds have steadily increased in value year after year. The average price per carat for higher quality and standard pink diamonds is $1.5 to $3 million per carat. Investors and collectors are taking notice of the growing prices, and as supply decreases due to the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, demand will certainly continue to drive up the price.

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