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WOW Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR Live with Weapon Tokens & More

Posted 05 Feb-2021 02:37 PM by carol | 785

It's announced that WOW Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR has been active. You can start to defeat the final boss Sire Denathrius for weapon tokens, legendary power recipes and more loots.

WOW Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR with weapon tokens

Weapon tokens dropped from Sire Denathrius boss have ilvl 194. You have to reach ilvl 170 at least to queue up Castle Nathria LFR and claim the weapon tokens. Once obtained, you can turn them into weapon quartermasters in your Covenant. The weapon tokens you can get are listed below:
- Abominable Anima Spherule: Death Knight, Warlock and Demon Hunter
- Mystic Anima Spherule: Hunter, Mage and Druid
- Venerated Anima Spherule: Paladin, Priest and Shaman
- Zenith Anima Spherule: Warrior, Rogue and Monk

WOW Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR with legendary powers

On top of that, you can also get hold of legendary powers from Castle Nathria Wing 4 LFR, like:
- Memory of the Deadliest Coil: Unholy Death Knight
- Memory of the Chaos Theory: Havoc Demon Hunter
- Memory of Oneth: Balance Druid
- Memory of the Eredun War Order: Beast Mastery Hunter
- Memory of the Freezing Winds: Frost Mage
- Memory of a Celestial Infusion: Brewmaster Monk
- Memory of the Vanguard's Momentum: Retribution Paladin
- Memory of a Harmonious Apparatus: Holy Priest
- Memory of Finality: Subtlety Rogue
- Memory of the Demise of Skybreaker: Elemental Shaman
- Memory of a Malefic Wrath: Affliction Warlock
- Memory of the Exploiter: Arms Warrior

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