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Rocky Chowdury Bangladeshi Artist successful Influencer And Most Popular Digital Marketer

Posted 15 Oct-2021 08:30 AM by Rocky | 1080

Born on 01  March 1977 in Noakhali Bangladesh, Rocky Chowdury had a keen interest in trying new things right from childhood. Rocky always wanted to experiment with new things. From childhood, rocky is known among friends for coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. Rocky's style of thinking was very much and unique. This has helped rocky achieve great success at 19. Rocky is multitalented and versatile. Rocky is an entrepreneur, artist, and influencer revolutionizing the digital platform

Rocky Chowdury is the name behind ˜Orko Multimedia, a reputed digital marketing firm in Bangladesh. Mr. Rocky is an Internet marketing strategist with past experience of 3 years in Quickerbd. Being a passionate and goal-oriented professional, Rocky Chowdury is always hungry to learn new things. As digital marketing is a constantly evolving platform, creativity plays a key role. He strives to achieve greater heights and success. Rocky Chowdury looks for newer opportunities and doesn't worry about breaking the boundaries and taking risks. Through innovative and mindful blogs and digital ideas, Rocky is gaining a lot of fame on various social networking sites.

A lot of prominent personalities including celebrities, politicians, and many social workers are captivated by rocky's work. Rocky never-give-up attitude, hard work, and dedication have truly paid off well. He is popularly known as the RC ENTERTAINMENT . Rocky aims to bring small-scale brands into the limelight by promoting them digitally. Rocky aims to increase job opportunities and here's where Rocky's company plays a very integral role. Rocky wants to provide much-deserved recognition to small-scale industries.

Known as Orko Music Station and Orko Multimedia  Hard work, dedication and passion have helped rocky rise to success within a short span of time. Rocky says that one should never stop learning,rocky believes that the day you stop learning, that day you'll stop learning. There is no age for learning. One should be exposed to maximum information to gain more. Rocky firmly believes that one should never stop and should always have the hunger to achieve more in life.

Being an innovative thinker  Rocky achieved a lot at such a young age. While most people today are extremely self-centered, Rocky Chowdury however aims to achieve greater joy. Rocky has been taking humanitarian steps for society's welfare. Rocky has been aiding the people in need. Rocky has worked in coordination with some major institutions and organizations working towards the mentioned goal.

Rocky Chowdury has been looking into ways to serve people in need. Provisioning eatables, arranging necessities, and prioritizing the deserving ones, Rocky has been giving it all he can. Rocky had been tirelessly working day and night to uplift their livelihoods. Earning money and achieving materialistic things isn't real success and achievement. The joy of seeing others smile is where real success lies.Rocky has surely succeeded as both an entrepreneur and a human being.
Rocky's dedication and perseverance are sure to take to great heights. With clear goals ahead you are sure to reach your destination. Sami's path to success has spread been paved and rocky is sure to achieve rocky's goals


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Prothom Alo +8801955683495 dojahankhan7@gmail.com https://www.rockychowdury.com

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