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"Limitless", The Successful Play by The Italian Actor Vincenzo Bocciarelli

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It was a summer dedicated to art that of Vincenzo Bocciarelli, a veteran of the theatrical show Limitless, born from an idea by Serenella Bianchini, and which met with great success. Actor, painter, host and writer. Born in 1974, the actor was born on February 22 in Bozzolo, Mantua. From his hometown she moved to Siena to pursue acting studies.

After high school he made his debut at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan directed by Giorgio Strehler, starting his career as a theatrical actor and acting alongside great names in the theater such as Valeria Moriconi, Giorgio Albertazzi, Irene Papas, Roberto Herlizkca, Riccardo Garrone.

While his theatrical activity continues on the stage, the public begins to appreciate him in fiction such as Pride, The beauty of women and Incantesimo and in the cinema in movies: E ridendo l’uccise by Florestano Vancini, an unconventional film for Italian cinema about the famous conspiracy of Giulio d'Este, seen through the eyes of the court jester Moschino; The investigation, Nirakazhcha Irakazhcha-The street of colors and recently in the blockbuster film The Most Beautiful School in the World.

Defined << The pride of great cinema >> by one of the most important Italian newspapers, Bocciarelli has always been a multifaceted, passionate and zealous artist, close to his audience. In March 2020, during the lockdown period, he conceived "The Bocciarelli Home Theater "a digital format, with which the actor brought the theater into the homes of Italians, infusing them with a message of hope and strength. This experience then inspired his first writing, entitled “On the wings of art. The experience of the Bocciarelli home theater to survive a pandemic”.

Bocciarelli took part in Anna Marcello's short film 'Lockdown love. it' which has already received international attention and in Mission Possible, an adventure film launched on the Chili platform with actors of the caliber of John Savage and James Duval, but it seems that it is the theater, divine anachronism, his great love, probably because as the great Vittorio Gassman used to say, the theater is the free zone of life, where one is immortal.

The theater lays bare the hypocrisy and baseness of the human soul and it is no coincidence that Bocciarelli is an excellent interpreter of characters from Shakespearean works, such as The Tempest, King Lear, The Merchant of Venice, as well as mythological ones such as Oedipus re and Antigone. In Bocciarelli's curriculum there are numerous awards including the Prize for the Arts for professional merits, which he will receive shortly.

Vincenzo Bocciarelli is the demonstration that in the theater, the visible and the invisible meet and the word thrives on a double glory, as Pasolini said. Glorification that the actor has managed to transfer even to the small and large screen. The word is at the same time, written and pronounced, written, like the word of Homer, and pronounced like the words that people exchange in life, in everyday life, which sometimes remain forever, and others fly away with life.

Bocciarelli, unlike some who think that the art of acting consists only in learning the texts of others by heart, tells us one fundamental thing: art must be shameless, sincere and scandalous as every divine thing and mystery is scandalous. linked to it.

Bocciarelli thinks that art must be shamelessly sincere, and by this he means that it should also reason about its own nature, about its function, relating to historical contingencies, to myth; lead the viewer and the viewer on a sensory journey through time and space. In this sense, returning to the show "Limitless", where he recited at the foot of the temple of Juno, in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, it is important to say that it was an evocative and soulful journey, which leads the viewer to the Alpha of existence, at the beginning of life, at creation, where everything is Love.


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