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Ajlia Online Grocery - we are now bringing a city center supermarket experience to your doorstep

Posted 25 Oct-2019 01:01 PM by ajlia | 1845

Ajlia is an online grocery delivery service that offers both web and app services that cater to today's busy and hectic lifestyle, allowing the customer to do his/her grocery shopping from the comfort of his/her home.

 From fresh fruits and vegetables, everyday staples, canned foods, dairy and meat products, frozen food, and beverages to cleaners, personal care products, baby food and pet food, the online store offers a very wide variety of products from the best brands available in the UK, curated by in-house food experts and delivered by trained professionals, deft at handling quick and efficient deliveries.

 Naj, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Ajlia says, œLife in the city is a daily struggle for all of us, whether we are part of a family unit or living a student life. Not all of us have vehicles either. When I conceived Ajlia, my objective was simple that there be a straightforward, hassle-free, online platform available that takes care of all grocery needs without having to leave the comfort of home.

 In a market where there are many such apps available, Ajlia sets itself apart with no delivery fee charged on your order and options for a no-minimum-delivery plan as well.

 According to Naj, œOur aim was to create an affordable service for all and to achieve this we have ensured that the delivery fee has been taken out of the equation. No matter how much you order, you won't have to pay anything extra for the delivery. Moreover, there is no time-specific delivery as we strive to tailor our deliveries to suit your convenience.

 œAjlia works on a subscription plan for those choosing a no-minimum-delivery option. For those who do not want to subscribe to the service, the minimum amount of order placed has to be worth £20. Either ways, there will be no delivery charge, Naj adds.

The Ajliawebsite and app's user-friendly interface has been created with the customer in mind. Sachin Diwakar, Chief Technical Officer, says: œBoth the app and the website are the result of well-researched thought process that puts the customer at the forefront. We have worked to create an easy-to-use user interface that relies on simplicity to make the customer's life as stress-free as possible.

The app is available on both iOS (App Store) and android (Google Play) and at present delivery coverage is limited to Manchester City.


œHowever, says Naj, œwe are confident that the success of Ajlia as a fast, hassle-free, affordable, and door-to-door grocery service will ensure that we are able to expand our services to beyond the city to include Greater Manchester and nearby areas.


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