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Reach Wide Audience With Press Release Submission & Distribution Sites

Press releases are the perfect way to get your business in front of the right people. They can be a great marketing tool and drive traffic to your website. However, if you don't have an audience for your press release then it won't do much good. The problem is that many companies struggle with how to get their press releases seen by potential customers and journalists so they end up submitting them everywhere possible without any guarantee that they will get published!

Press Release Distribution

List Of PR Newswire Global Press Release Submission Sites

This guide will show you some the most searched press release distribution sites where you can submit your press releases so they'll be seen by journalists and other bloggers who might want to cover them too!


PR.CO is a press release distribution service that helps you to get your news published on the web.

You can submit your press release for instant approval its newswire services, and if it is accepted, it will be published on PR.CO

Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet is one of the best press release distribution services in the industry. It's a platform that provides a wide range of services for businesses looking to distribute their pr news, such as press releases and other content.

Press Release Jet works with you to create custom templates for your organization's needs, then distributes your content using their network of global partner sites. If you're looking for an effective way to reach journalists who may be interested in covering your story, this is one method worth considering!

Press Release Power

Press Release Power is a press release agency that helps you get your press releases in front of journalists.

The service offers affordable pricing, fast turnaround times and high-quality content to help you stand out from the crowd.

Press Release Power provides access to more than 30,000 reporters worldwide who cover news and information about specific industries such as technology, business and finance.

24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is a digital marketing company that provides services to businesses and individuals. The company is based in the United States and has been operating since 2009.

24-7 Press Release offers a wide range of services including press release distribution, social media management, and SEO services.


PR Buzz is a news distribution service that aims to help you get your press release in front of the right journalists. It works by matching you with high-quality journalists based on your target audience, industry and location. Once matched with a reporter, you can then connect them via email or phone call for an interview about your product or service.

In addition to connecting you with potential media contacts, PR Buzz also offers additional features such as keyword research tools, social media monitoring reports and analytics dashboard for better insight into how effective your PR campaign has been at driving traffic back towards their website (or other websites).


ClickPress is a global press release distribution service that helps you get your press releases distributed to thousands of media outlets. You can use their free service, or pay to have them distribute your content for you. They also offer a paid service where they will send out one of their editors' picks from your database every month.

Submit Your PR News To These Instant Approval Sites

All these are the top press release submission sites with instant approval. You can use them to submit your press releases without any hassle. These sites offer a simple way to get your article published in various publications on a regular basis, as well as gain valuable publicity for your business or brand.

In case you’re wondering how it works, here’s what happens: When you submit an article through one of these sites (or any other method), they will review it quickly and send back an approval or rejection message depending on their decision-making criteria (e.g., length restrictions). Once approved by the editor(s) there is no need for further revisions before publishing; however if parts need fixing before publication then those will be worked out along with any necessary editing work needed after publication occurs via email communication between editors and writers/publishers only where needed

Enjoy Numerous Beneftis With These Press Release Distribution Sites

Press release submission sites offer you instant approval, so you can get your news out quickly. These sites also have a wide range of features that make it easy for you to submit your press release and track its status. For example, most sites will let you choose between different file types and automatic or manual formatting options in order to save time when creating an outline for your story. They also have tools such as social media tracking tools that help keep tabs on the number of users who see each post across multiple platforms (such as LinkedIn or Twitter). In addition, some services offer additional features like keyword research - which can help determine what people are searching for online instead of simply placing keywords into text without understanding context first hand like Google does today; there's even some which allow users write original content instead of using pre-written content they receive from other writers!