Windows 11 is adding Android apps next month

Windows 11 is adding Android apps next month

Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows 11 next month, Windows boss Panos Panay revealed in a blog post Wednesday. It’ll be a public preview, meaning the feature is still in beta testing and will likely be tweaked before its official release.

The update will include taskbar improvements with call mute and unmute, a weather widget and easier window sharing. It’ll also introduce redesigned versions of venerable apps Notepad and Media Player.

“Windows now powers over 1.4 billion monthly active devices with overall time spent on Windows up 10% over pre pandemic levels,” Panay said.

Earlier this month, Google Play Games Beta launched in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, allowing Android users to play mobile games on a Windows desktop or laptop. It builds on developments Google has promised that will make Android work better with Windows and other operating systems.


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