Top Richest People of Tech Industry

RankNameNet WorthAgeOrigin of WealthCountry
1Bill Gates$84.5 B65MicrosoftUnited States
2Jeff Bezos$81.7 B57Amazon.comUnited States
3Mark Zuckerberg$69.6 B36FacebookUnited States
4Larry Ellison$59.3 B76softwareUnited States
5Larry Page$43.9 B47GoogleUnited States
6Sergey Brin$42.7 B47GoogleUnited States
7Jack Ma$37.4 B56e-commerceChina
8Ma Huateng$36.7 B49internet mediaChina
9Steve Ballmer$32.9 B64MicrosoftUnited States
10Michael Dell$22.4 B55Dell computersUnited States
10Masayoshi Son$22.4 B63internet, telecomJapan
12Elon Musk$20.7 B49Tesla MotorsUnited States
13Paul Allen$20.5 B68Microsoft, investmentsUnited States
14Lee Kun-Hee$18.3 B79SamsungSouth Korea
15Azim Premji$18.2 B75software servicesIndia
16William Ding$16.1 B49online gamesChina
17Robin Li$15.8 B52internet searchChina
18Shiv Nadar$13.5 B75software servicesIndia
19Dustin Moskovitz$13.3 B36FacebookUnited States
20Hasso Plattner$12.6 B77softwareGermany
21Zhang Zhidong$12.5 B49internet mediaChina
22Eric Schmidt$12.4 B65GoogleUnited States
23Terry Gou$10.2 B70electronicsTaiwan
23Dietmar Hopp$10.2 B80softwareGermany
25Liu Qiangdong$10.1 B46e-commerceChina
26Zhou Qunfei$10 B51smartphone screensHong Kong
27Eduardo Saverin$9.7 B38FacebookBrazil
28Jan Koum$9.6 B44WhatsAppUnited States
29Pierre Omidyar$9.3 B53eBayUnited States
30James Goodnight$8.9 B78softwareUnited States
31Joseph Tsai$8.7 B57e-commerceCanada
32Pan Zhengmin$7.6 B51electronicsChina
33David Duffield$7.3 B80business softwareUnited States
33Hiroshi Mikitani$7.3 B55online retailJapan
35Gordon Moore$7.1 B92IntelUnited States
36Jay Y. Lee$6.9 B52SamsungSouth Korea
36Lei Jun$6.9 B51smartphonesChina
38Brian Acton$6.3 B48WhatsAppUnited States
39Kwon Hyuk-Bin$6.2 B47online gamesSouth Korea
40John Doerr$5.7 B69venture capitalUnited States
40David Sun$5.7 B69computer hardwareUnited States
40John Tu$5.7 B79computer hardwareUnited States
43Gabe Newell$5.5 B58videogamesUnited States
44Andreas von Bechtolsheim$5.4 B65GoogleGermany
44Yeung Kin-man$5.4 B56electronicsHong Kong
46Ralph Dommermuth$5.3 B57internet service providerGermany
47Lam Wai Ying$5.2 Bsmartphone screensHong Kong
48Garrett Camp$5.1 B42Uber TechnologiesCanada
48Travis Kalanick$5.1 B44UberUnited States
50David Cheriton$4.9 B69GoogleCanada
51Fu Liquan$4.8 B53surveillance equipmentChina
51Kim Jung-Ju$4.8 B52online gamesSouth Korea
53David Filo$4.7 B54YahooUnited States
54Lin Xiucheng$4.6 B65electronicsChina
55Mark Scheinberg$4.5 B47online gamblingCanada
56Marc Benioff$4.4 B56business softwareUnited States
56Jiang Bin$4.4 B54acoustic componentsChina
56John Sall$4.4 B72softwareUnited States
59Yusaku Maezawa$4.3 B45online retailJapan
60Barry Lam$4.2 B71electronicsTaiwan
61Jen-Hsun Huang$4 B57semiconductorsUnited States
61Robert Pera$4 B42wireless networking gearUnited States
61Jeffrey Skoll$4 B56eBayUnited States
64Henry Samueli$3.9 B66semiconductorsUnited States
65Nathan Blecharczyk$3.8 B37AirbnbUnited States
65Brian Chesky$3.8 B39AirbnbUnited States
65Joe Gebbia$3.8 B39AirbnbUnited States
68Jack & Laura Dangermond$3.7 B75mapping softwareUnited States
69Denise Coates$3.6 B53online gamblingUnited Kingdom
69Teddy Sagi$3.6 B49gambling softwareIsrael
69Rishi Shah$3.6 B35healthcare mediaUnited States
72Yuri Milner$3.5 B59Facebook, investmentsRussia
73Judy Faulkner$3.4 B77health ITUnited States
73Michael Moritz$3.4 B66venture capitalUnited States
73Henry Nicholas, III.$3.4 B61semiconductorsUnited States
76Reid Hoffman$3.2 B53LinkedInUnited States
76Scott Lin$3.2 Boptical componentsTaiwan
76Bobby Murphy$3.2 B32SnapchatUnited States
76Evan Spiegel$3.2 B30SnapchatUnited States
76Frank Wang$3.2 B40dronesChina
76Wang Xing$3.2 B47e-commerceChina
82Douglas Leone$3.1 B63venture capitalUnited States
83Romesh T. Wadhwani$3 B73softwareUnited States
83Zhang Fan$3 B55touch screensChina
85Jim Breyer$2.9 B59venture capitalUnited States
85Min Kao$2.9 B72navigation equipmentUnited States
85Gil Shwed$2.9 B52softwareIsrael
85Thomas Siebel$2.9 B68business softwareUnited States
89Jason Chang$2.8 B76electronicsSingapore
89Meg Whitman$2.8 B64eBayUnited States
91Jeff Rothschild$2.7 B66FacebookUnited States
91Simon Xie$2.7 B51online payment serviceChina
93Mike Cannon-Brookes$2.6 B41softwareAustralia
93Scott Cook$2.6 B68softwareUnited States
93Scott Farquhar$2.6 B41softwareAustralia
93Robert Miller$2.6 B75electronics componentsCanada
93Adam Neumann$2.6 B41WeWorkIsrael
93Sean Parker$2.6 B41FacebookUnited States
93Wang Laichun$2.6 B53electronics componentsChina
93Wang Laisheng$2.6 B56electronics componentsChina


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