Top 7 Global Computer Hardware Suppliers

Top 7 Global Computer Hardware Suppliers

The top 7 global suppliers of computer hardware are shown, listed in descending order by estimated 2018 annual revenue. Revenue values are shown in U.S. dollars. Also inlcuded in the table is the company headquarters location (city, country) and the year in which the company was founded.

Rank Company Name Founded
1 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. 1938
2 Foxconn Technology Group 1974
3 Lenovo 1984
4 Fujitsu 1935
5 Quanta Computer 1988
6 Compal 1984
7 AsusTeK 1989

About Companies-

  1. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. manufactures both consumer and industrial computer hardware products. Their offerings include computers, laptops, monitors and networking equipment.
  2. Foxconn Technology Group provides electronic products for consumer and commercial use. Their computer hardware products include various components, communication equipment, and networking devices.
  3. Lenovo designs, develops, and manufactures different computer products. Their product line includes desktops, laptops, monitors, printers and storage devices.
  4. Fujitsu provides a wide range of computer hardware solutions. The company offers storage equipment, printers, scanners, optical components, communication solutions, and networking devices. 
  5. Quanta Computer designs and manufactures computer products. They provide laptop computers, various computer hardware components, and storage devices.
  6. Compal develops and manufactures computer hardware products for different industries. The company offers laptops, desktops, monitors and networking equipment.
  7. AsusTeK provides different computer hardware and electronics. Their product offerings include desktops, laptops, monitors, graphics cards, motherboards, networking equipment, and storage devices.