Top 100 Popular Actors of 2020

Popular celeberities of 2020

The list of Most Popular Actors of 2020 is released.

The Star Score in this list represents points assigned to each of the leading stars of the top 100 movies in the current year and two preceding years.

The Average Billing column contains the average billing position of this cast/crew member for the selected films.





1Samuel L. Jackson36757.0
2Josh Brolin33848.8
3Chadwick Boseman316410.8
4Dwayne Johnson30541.0
5Chris Hemsworth30142.0
6Danai Gurira29939.7
7Letitia Wright299317.0
8Chris Pratt296313.3
9Robert Downey, Jr.29531.0
10Tom Holland29339.3
11Karen Gillan290312.3
12Paul Bettany288315.0
13Lupita Nyong’o28735.0
14Chris Evans28532.7
15Will Smith23631.7
16Kevin Hart22732.0
17Eiza González22735.7
18Scarlett Johansson22436.0
19Liam Neeson22353.4
20Michael Peña21832.3
21Dave Bautista206313.0
22Michael B. Jordan20331.7
23Margot Robbie20232.3
24Henry Golding20232.7
25Woody Harrelson20133.7
26Mark Ruffalo19923.0
27Colin Farrell19933.0
28Don Cheadle19927.0
29Benedict Cumberbatch199212.0
30Sebastian Stan199217.5
31Benedict Wong199218.5
32Elizabeth Olsen199220.5
33Zoe Saldana199224.0
34Pom Klementieff199226.0
35Tiffany Haddish19543.8
36Brie Larson19525.0
37Angela Bassett19326.5
38Paul Rudd19224.5
39Evangeline Lilly19229.5
40Joonas Suotamo187210.5
41Ewan McGregor18633.3
42Laurence Fishburne17925.0
43Ben Mendelsohn17223.0
44T.J. Miller17225.0
45Vin Diesel171213.5
46Simon Pegg17024.0
47Lakeith Lee Stanfield17025.0
48Michelle Pfeiffer16924.5
50Hannah John-Kamen16927.5
51Emily Blunt16821.0
52John Cena16832.0
53Jason Statham16721.5
54Daniel Kaluuya16735.7
55Jamie Lee Curtis16622.5
56Anya Taylor-Joy16121.0
57Michelle Dockery16024.5
58Meryl Streep15823.5
59Julie Walters15825.0
60Colin Firth15826.0
61Constance Wu15521.0
62John Boyega15123.0
63Jack Black14922.5
64Jeremy Renner14927.5
65Patrick Wilson14723.0
66Lance Reddick14725.5
67Rose Byrne14222.0
68Nick Jonas14225.0
69Adam Driver14122.5
70Cate Blanchett13622.5
71John David Washington13521.0
72Tye Sheridan13423.5
73James McAvoy13321.5
74Brianna Hildebrand13325.0
75Mahershala Ali13223.0
76Brad Pitt12721.5
77Michael Shannon12323.5
78Elizabeth Debicki12223.0
79Christian Bale12021.5
80Toni Collette12024.0
81Nicole Kidman11923.5
82Hugh Grant11924.0
83Ed Skrein11823.0
84Issa Rae11722.0
85Emilia Clarke11622.0
86Sylvester Stallone11221.0
87Rebel Wilson11243.8
88Jacob Tremblay11224.0
89Morgan Freeman11026.0
90Isabela Moner10822.0
91Anne Hathaway10722.0
92Tyler Perry10323.0
93Idris Elba10223.5
94Martin Lawrence10012.0
95Martin Freeman10015.0
96Forest Whitaker10017.0
97Andy Serkis10018.0
98Jon Favreau100115.0
99Gwyneth Paltrow100116.0
100Terry Notary100123.0


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