Tony Khan & The Rhodes Brother

Tony Khan & The Rhodes Brothers’ ‘Love Of The Game’

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for a wrestling fan to hear Tony Schiavone to have a long-form conversation with his long-time friend Sting and they, along with Aubrey Edwards, shared that conversation this week on AEW Unrestricted. In those classic WCW days, Sting had his fair share of ring encounters with Dusty Rhodes, but he tells Tony and Aubrey he couldn’t be more than pleased with what Cody and Dustin have made for themselves by honoring their daddy’s legacy and building All Elite Wrestling.

“First of all I am so proud of both of those guys and boy, it couldn’t happen to two better guys. Second generation wrestlers, their dad being ultra-famous, the most charismatic of all time in my book and having to follow in his footsteps. It can seem bleak for a minute in life and then suddenly a shift could happen and if you got the work ethic and the love of the game and all that which Cody and Dustin both have then I guess you got the makings to turn something, the diamond in the rough kind of deal, and they did and I’m so proud of those guys for doing it”.

“Cody was just a little kid. Yeah, he was just a tiny kid in the beginning and Dustin and I, we got a history. I was on the road with him, on and off. We were in the same cab with the car driving together and so all these years later just to see the fast-forward of all this and how far they’ve come and the deal that they put together and the Tony Khan thing and AEW and then TNT and ‘back in the jungle again,’ wow.

Sting continues to touch upon the probability before an AEW came along as to there being a new promotion to rival WWE, but Sting knew that it was going to take someone like Tony Khan to cause that shift in power.

“I mean people ask me in the Q&As for 20 years, ‘Don’t you wish there could be another WCW? What’s it gonna take to make that happen?’ Well, it’s gonna take another billionaire who’s all in and otherwise, it ain’t gonna happen. I tried a few other things, it wasn’t gonna happen (laughs). I’m so glad that Cody and Dustin did what they did and AEW, it is what it is and I get to be a part of it.”