TikTok rolls out new ‘Friends’ tab to more users, replacing the current ‘Discover’ tab

“As we continue to celebrate community and creativity, we’re bringing a Friends Tab to more people over the coming weeks, which will allow you to easily find and enjoy content from people you’re connected with, so you can choose even more ways to be entertained on TikTok,” the company said in a tweet.

A screenshot that TikTok posted alongside the tweet shows that users will see a banner that says “watch your friends’ videos” once they click on the Friends tab. If you have connected with your friends on the app, you’ll see their content on the page. If you haven’t, TikTok will suggest that you connect with friends through your contacts or that you connect with your Facebook friends. The page also suggests accounts from people that you may know and displays a follow button next to each name.

TikTok’s decision to move away from a Discover tab is interesting and indicates that it’s looking to offer a new way to recommend content based on your actual friendships. It does seem like a peculiar move in some ways, especially since TikTok already has a “Following” tab that displays all of the content from people you follow on the app, which could include your friends.

The new tab is a way for TikTok to go beyond the Following tab and present itself as a more interpersonal app, as opposed to a place that simply highlights viral and popular videos. The company looks to be prioritizing this new personal content discovery over trending videos viewed through the Discover tab that may have appeared in your “For You” page rotation anyway.

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