Spanish Cryptocurrency Exchange Bit2me Expands Operations to Brazil

The Spanish cryptocurrency exchange Bit2me is taking interest in getting into the Latam market. The company has launched its operations in Brazil by introducing an office in the country that will deal with compliance issues to make the exchange a safe option for Brazilians. The exchange aims to successfully tackle the 20-million-customer market in the country.

Bit2me considers Brazil a very important country due to the sheer volume of potential customers and the size of the crypto market. On this, Bit2me CFO Pablo Casadio stated:

[Brazil is] a key country in the entry of Bit2me in Latin America since more than 20 million Brazilians already invest in cryptocurrencies, which shows their interest in learning about this new technology.

For the launch, the exchange signed former Binance employee Ricardo Da Ros, who will be responsible for overseeing the expansion operations in the country. To Da Ros, this entrance into the Brazilian market is a good opportunity to bring more education to the masses about bitcoin and the crypto market.

He declared:

I believe that with Bit2me we will be able to improve the knowledge of cryptocurrencies in Brazil and bring Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea closer to all Brazilians interested in this revolution.

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