night passenger train service

SGR launches night passenger train service

Kenya Railways is set to operate a third pair of passenger trains on its Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) service operating in the night effective Monday January 4, 2021.

The Madaraka Express night train will commence its journey from both ends of the line in Nairobi and Mombasa at 9pm and end its journey at 3am.

Kenya Railways Managing Director Philip Mainga says the new set of trains in the night are set to complement the demand for travel following the resumption of learning across the country this week.

“We are running this service because of the boom in passengers from the schools reopening with the aim of supporting parents, teachers and students moving from different locations. Airports and matatus have been overwhelmed,” he told Citizen Digital.

The railways corporation has sought for and received exemption allowing for passengers to disembark from stations under curfew hours to other destinations upon the proof of ticketing.

“For as long as one has their ticket, there shouldn’t be a challenge in connecting. For Nairobi, we have no challenge as we have a commuter train which will bring passengers into the Central Business District (CBD) at around 4am,” he added.