Scrolling through Netflix takes forever, but this hidden trick can help

Scrolling through Netflix takes forever, but this hidden trick can help

Netflix has so many TV shows, movies and documentaries. From binge-worthy original shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton and Squid Game to documentaries, the streaming service has a truly massive content library. There are so many options it’s actually hard to find something to watch, and sifting through the seemingly endless list of content can easily take more time than watching something.

If you don’t already have something in mind to watch (like, say, one of our recommendations for the best Netflix movies or the best Netflix TV shows to stream), you’re at the mercy of the algorithm. The streaming platform will highlight TV shows and movies you may like based on your profile and what you’ve watched before. It’s a start, but it won’t help you find something new to watch quickly, or any other niche genres you might be interested in.

But there’s a secret trick for filtering Netflix’s library by genre to find exactly what you’re browsing for: Netflix codes. These codes each correspond to a different genre, which the algorithm uses to categorize and serve up recommendations. Instead of passively accepting the algorithm’s picks, learn how to use Netflix codes to find your own next binge-watch.

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What are Netflix codes?
Netflix codes — though not a new discovery — are based on a number system the service uses to categorize films and shows by genre and subgenre. Note that codes can only be used on Netflix’s website, not in its apps.


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