Scams in Covid Vaccination

Scams in Covid Vaccination

Clicking the link included in the text message to fill-out the form loads a website that asks for a number of personal details, including a credit card number.

The National Health Service is free at the point of use and there is no charge or deposit required to be processed for the current vaccination programme.

Anyone who receives the text message should delete it immediately. If you have already submitted the form with your credit card details included – you should contact your bank to enquire about changing your credit card number with a replacement.

These scams are nothing unusual – these tactics have been used in the past to trick people into mistakenly believing they have an Amazon Gift Card to claim in the run-up to Christmas, or that their Netflix password has been compromised.

However, what makes this latest scam so insidious is that it’s directly targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

These groups are the most likely to be in line for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination. Sadly, they’re also more likely to fall prey to these types of scams as they might not be as familiar with technology as younger members of their families, or might not have encountered this type of online scam before. That’s something cyber crooks are clearly hoping they can rely on.