Save up to $95 on McAfee Total Protection: Antivirus, VPN, password manager and more

Save up to $95 on McAfee Total Protection: Antivirus, VPN, password manager and more

Whether it’s family Zoom calls or entire offices going remote, more of our lives than ever are taking place in the online world. While that offers plenty of benefits, it brings its share of risks as well. Even if you use a secure browser and threat detection software, every online interaction still carries a degree of risk. And for those who want to go beyond the default Microsoft Defender options (on Windows), you can now get a full year of McAfee Total Protection, one of our top-rated antivirus software products of 2021, for up to $95 off.

McAfee is known for its antivirus product — and that’s the only service listed here that we’ve actually evaluated. But McAfee is one of many players in this space to offer a more full-service digital protection suite. In addition to antivirus, all of McAfee’s tiers share the same base-level features, including a firewall to prevent hackers from accessing your home network, a digital file shredder to ensure all traces of sensitive documents have been eliminated, “safe browsing” (which will automatically block risky sites), a password manager to help keep track of all your online passwords in a single secure location and even a VPN, which offers more secure browsing on open networks.

Now, you could obviously buy or subscribe to all those services separately — again, we’ve only looked at McAfee’s antivirus service, so we can’t speak to the other add-ons being offered here. But the benefit here is that this smorgasbord of digital services is available as a single package. Even if you end up only using half of them, it’s probably going to be a better deal than if you bought everything separately.

Here’s how the different tiers stack up:

The entry-level Basic subscription, which you can pick up for $30 ($55 off), offers all of these protective services for a single device.
The Plus package, which will run you $40 right now ($65 off), bumps that protection up to five devices.
For only $5 more, you can upgrade to the Premium subscription ($85 off), which protects up to 10 devices, and adds on the ability to implement parental controls across those devices.
At $65 ($95 off) the Ultimate subscription is the most comprehensive package, allowing you to protect unlimited devices, implement parental controls, and adds on identity theft insurance for extra peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected even if your information were to somehow become compromised.
Want to go for a two-year plan? McAfee offers the same benefits as the Premium plan above under a different offer that’s $80 for 24 months, or $40 per year. So you’re saving $5 per year compared to the price above.

Note that whichever service tier you pick, you’ll need to check off the “auto-renew” option to get the full benefits listed above. The service will renew at full price at that time — but you can cancel at any time.


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