Samsung’s cloud gaming hub brings Xbox, Twitch and more to newest smart TVs

The company is rolling out its gaming hub on Samsung TVs like the 2022 Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and 2022 Smart Monitor Series.

Microsoft’s Xbox TV app is the most significant new addition as it is currently exclusive to the Samsung Gaming Hub and provides access to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Smart TVs offer an increasingly viable alternative to dedicated gaming hardware and Samsung is betting that an all-in-one destination for cloud-based and console games will attract gamers who prioritize convenience.

Players with dedicated game consoles can use Samsung’s support for passthrough controller inputs with the smart TVs, letting them use a single controller instead of pairing multiple ones. That way, consumers can use the Bluetooth headsets and controllers they already own across apps and devices.

Samsung Gaming Hub users will also have access to game recommendations, gaming news and tutorials like they might on a dedicated gaming console.


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