RV Explosion Explodes a Shop at Christmas

RV Explosion Explodes a Shop at Christmas

People from around the country are donating money to help one Nashville family who lost their business in the RV explosion on Christmas morning.

Peter Gibson owns Pride and Glory Tattoo, a staple in Nashville since 2014. It was just feet away from the RV at the time of the blast. Gibson told ABC13 as he rushed to downtown Nashville and saw black smoke, he knew exactly where it was coming from. He said the first pictures he saw were of his destroyed shop.

Gibson also said on any other day, that street would be packed with people. He said it’s a miracle no one was killed.

“It’s very, very fortunate, to say the least. I’m down there every day, seven days a week. For years, I’m there. I put my heart and my soul into that place,” Gibson said.

The business owner said the tattoo parlor is how he supports his family, his fiancée Rachel and their new son Beau.

“I’m trying to always be a positive person and try to always find the silver lining … right now, I’m just one foot in front of the other and trying to keep my mental state healthy,” he said.

People from across the country are hoping to help Gibson through a GoFundMe page that was set up for the business. One woman wrote on the page that even though she lives on the West Coast, she wanted to do her small part to help Gibson and his employees.

Source: https://abc7chicago.com/nashville-tattoo-shop-destroyed-peter-gibson-pride-and-glory-rv-explosion-christmas-day/9150332/