Mark Wahlberg

Restaurants near US cinema

A burger business with star power is about to hit Australia as US actor Mark Wahlberg announced plans to open his chain, called Wahlburgers, across the country.

The Oscar-nominated star of The Fighter and The Departed owns the chain with his two brothers, chef Paul and actor Donnie, and will unveil the first restaurant in Sydney’s Circular Quay.

The restaurants will be movie-themed after the Wahlbergs signed a deal worth $50 million to partner with the United Cinemas chain, which is owned by the Mustaca family.

Mr Wahlberg said that he hoped to bring wonderful cinematic experiences, alongside Wahlburgers.

“What we are really focusing on now is creating exclusive content just for the customers. So people will see movie trailers early and all that stuff,” he told The Daily Telegraph

There are 15 restaurants set to open inside or next to United cinemas, including in locations such as Warriewood and Narallen in Sydney, Craigieburn in Melbourne, Indoorpilly in Brisbane and Rockingham in Perth.

United Cinema owner Sam Mustaca has been trying to lock down the deal for three years, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused further delays. He managed to finalise the partnership in December last year when Wahlberg flew into Australia to film an advertisement for Ladbrokes.

Mr Mustaca described the deal as “a very good marriage between two cinema families”.

Mr Wahlberg is expected to return for the first Sydney restaurant’s opening in a matter of months.