Pixel 7 Rumors: New Tensor Processor, Light Blue Color and More

Pixel 7 Rumors: New Tensor Processor, Light Blue Color and More

Precedent suggests that Google’s next flagship Pixel phone, the Pixel 7, probably won’t launch until the fall. But even though we’re months ahead of the expected release date, the rumor mill is already churning. We’ve heard buzz including a new processor and a display that’s smaller than that of the Pixel 6. There’s even a render showing a new light blue color option for the Pixel 7 Pro on the Chinese website MyDrive (although it warrants some skepticism, as MyDrive is vague about where this render came from).

Google took a bold new approach with its flagship Pixel 6 series and it seems to have paid off, earning the company critical praise and commercial success, at least for the relatively small batch of phones it did release. The Pixel 6 series ushered in a new era for Google’s sagging smartphone business, helped by this new design. Out went last year’s midrange processor. In came the company’s years-in-the-making Tensor chip. Out went the generic, tried-and-tested hardware design. In came a statement device with a signature camera bar running across the width of the chassis. CNET’s Andrew Lanxon, who reviewed the higher-end Pixel 6 Pro, called it a true iPhone competitor. (Read our full reviews of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.)

For the Pixel 7 (if that’s what Google decides to name it), the search giant will likely take a similar approach, drawing on its Tensor chip to enhance the device’s machine-learning features. To be clear, there are few credible rumors to lean on to help us get a better sense of what Google plans to do with the Pixel 7 (though there have been rumors about a Pixel Watch and the expected Pixel 6A). But that won’t stop us from trying to piece together what might be in store. We’d suggest bookmarking this page since this currently short list will grow: We’ll update it whenever we hear of any credible rumors. Also, be sure to check out our roundup of rumors about Google’s possibly upcoming budget phone, the Pixel 6A.

Release date: Pixel 7 will likely launch in October
Google’s flagship handsets have launched in October for years, ever since the first-gen Pixel was unveiled to the world. (Well, all of them except for the Pixel 5, which was unveiled at the end of September.) Barring any worsening supply chain issues and other macro factors, it’s probably a safe bet that the Pixel 7 will receive an official launch in October. Leaker Jon Prosser tweeted that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will indeed launch that month alongside a Pixel Watch.

Processor: Pixel 7 may run on second-gen Tensor chip
Google is apparently in the process of developing a next-gen Tensor chip for the upcoming Pixel handset. This wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to Pixel watchers considering Google endeavored to develop an in-house chipset in the first place — a project that is typically complex and costly. This detail was first discovered when an internal Google developer board called Cloudripper was added to apps on the Pixel 6, according to 9to5Google.

Specs: Pixel 7 could feature a punch-hole front camera
Two leaks from reliable tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer (known on Twitter as @OnLeaks) have given us some insight into what the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro could look like. Hemmerstoffer tweeted in February that he sent renders of the rumored two phones to Indian tech site Smartprix and car review site CARHP respectively.

The Pixel 7 leak says the flagship will have a display between 6.2 and 6.4 inches, a tad bigger than the 6.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S22 and the rumored display size for the expected iPhone 14. It shows two 50-megapixel back cameras and a punch-hole front camera, a space-maximizing feature where the selfie cam is embedded within the screen instead of resting above it.

The Pixel 7 Pro renders also show a punch-hole front camera but three back cameras instead of two. The leak says the phone will have a curved OLED display around 6.8 inches, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and its S21 predecessor.

More recently, display analyst Ross Young suggests the Pixel 7 will be slightly smaller than the Pixel 6, having a 6.3-inch display compared to the 6’s 6.4 inches. The Pixel 7 Pro, however, is said to use the same 6.7-inch screen as the Pixel 6 Pro.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/google-pixel-7-rumors/

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