Personalize Your Favorite Devices for Less With 20% Off Dbrand's Skins and Cases

Personalize Your Favorite Devices for Less With 20% Off Dbrand’s Skins and Cases

We’ve all been there before. A group of friends get together, everyone has their phone out and you reach to grab the wrong one because they all look the same. Want to make your phone look different but not add a ton of bulk? Or want to keep it protected while still looking unique? Well, meet dbrand, the company that started making phone skins to literally remove the branding from your phone.

The company has grown quickly and continues to introduce new products and designs, and right now you can save 20% sitewide using our exclusive coupon code. Simply enter CNET20 after going to this link to unlock the discounts on a new skin or case for your favorite device.

There’s a wide selection of skins available for many of the most popular phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and more. From high quality leather to pastel colors, there’s something here for everyone. There are limited edition designs, like the robot camo and teardown, along with an assortment of standard colors, stone, leather, wood designs and more. Dbrand also has a line of “Grip” cases which are designed to keep your devices safe, and you can customize these with skins easily, as well. You can also grab a screen protector, face mask or even new plates for the outside of your PS5 if you’ve been lucky enough to score a console.

This deal is only available through the end of today, March 16. Odds are you won’t see another dbrand deal for a while, so stock up now while you can save 20% on your purchase.


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