Dakotha Johson

Panic attack on Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson admits she suffered a panic attack while preparing for her first singing scene on the set of forthcoming film Our Friend. 

‘That was so scary,’ Dakota told Jimmy, 46, while also admitting to suffering a ‘little bit’ of ‘stage fright’ ahead of the scene. 

Singing in front of people is actually so terrifying for me,’ she added. ‘And we had to shoot the scene where you don’t even really see me. 

‘The camera’s in the back of… you can’t even really tell what’s going on, and I was meant to be performing in community theater. And they hit playback of my voice, my vocal recording, and called “Action”‘. ‘And it was like I had a panic attack that manifested in all the ways that it does, that it can, so, like, I just took off running. Running, like around the theater, around backstage.  

‘I was running around, and then just started laughing hysterically, and everyone on the crew’s like, ‘What’s she doing?” Running around, laughing and then just stopped moving and started crying. It was like extreme flight mode.’ 

The daughter of Hollywood stars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson looked stunning in a floral robe as she discussed her latest film, which originally premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2019 but will not reach cinemas until January 22nd.  

Based on a true story, the film follows couple Nicole and Matthew Teague as they confront an uncertain future after Nicole is diagnosed with terminal cancer, with the couple allowing their best friend to move in and help them out.

The film also stars Oscar-winner Casey Affleck as Matthew and Jason Segel as close friend Dane Faucheux.

Dakota has been in a relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, 43, since October 2017. 

The very private couple have been together since fall of 2017, but then briefly broke up in June 2019, only to get back together by August of last year.

‘They are very low-key together,’ a source told People in April. ‘…They seem to enjoy sharing a quiet life.
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It does seem they are getting more serious.’

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9166657/Dakota-Johnson-reveals-experiencing-panic-attack-filming-singing-scene-new-movie.html