Nasa Shared Images of Mars Rover

The images are part of a video that the space agency is expecting to release of the whole journey.

The full images – and, for the first time, audio – are still being sent back to Earth and processed by the space agency. It will be the first time the landing will be seen in moving video, after the Curiosity rover sent back stop-motion images of its descent.

But the new picture was taken from that footage and is the first look at the perilous landing on Mars.

It also comes ahead of the full opening of Perseverance’s cameras. On Friday, a number of pyrotechnic charges mounted on the rover should fire, letting its mast – or “head” – be released and allowing it to properly see the world

That, in turn, will allow for the use of the Mastcam-Z, a zoomable camera, as well as a laser instrument called SuperCam. It also includes two navigation cameras that are used to drive the rover around the Martian surface.


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