Musician spent money

The musician spent $7 million of his own money for a performance songs of including Blinding Lights, Starboy and The Hills featured dancers in face bandages and a hall-of-mirrors set

The Super Bowl transcends football. Some people who didn’t care about watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom “Big Coat” Brady battle reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes tuned in just for the halftime show by Grammy Award-winning singer The Weeknd. They got a special-effects-heavy spectacle that included hit songs like The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face and Blinding Lights and drew mixed reviews from fans.

The Weeknd didn’t sport the bandages and bloody face makeup he’s worn in some recent appearances, though a field full of dancers did wear mummy-like face wraps. And his set stretched from the stands on to the field, and included a mirror-filled sequence that made it look like he was singing in a carnival funhouse