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World Casino Directory is delighted to offer you our top ten rated gambling sites offering the highest quality casino games for the most impressive and generous online gambling rewards in Malta Malta is known for its lovely beaches, great climate and extremely friendly people, so it is absolutely perfect for relaxing and taking pleasure in some pleasurable gaming. The bonuses are particularly generous and we provide more details below.
Malta is one of the world’s newest and smallest countries, covering an area of just 362 square kilometers. Malta has a population of just over 400,000, over 90% of which live in the urban area of Valletta. About 40% of this population consists of non-Maltese citizens.
The first European resort was Rinella, on the small island of Gozo, in the 13th Century. Its harbour attracted galleys of the Knights of Malta, who used the island as a safe place from which to pursue the Christian holy war against the Turks. However, in 1798 the Turks invaded Malta. The following 300 years were a terrible time of suffering for Malta. Having no natural resources, it survived by importing supplies from surrounding nations and becoming a major trading post. The British invaded in 1798 and 1814. But it wasn’t until Napoleon declared Malta a free state in 1814 that it became part of an independent nation. Britain regained it in 1814. The last resident was Grand Master, Alof de Wignacourt in 1834.
Today, Malta is about 95% Maltese. The people of Malta have a love of life and a great passion for entertainment. The two attributes probably explain why Malta is the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean. And it is not surprising that it draws casinos.
Malta has superb climate, clean sea water, and beaches with clean sand. Famous for its high-quality local wines, the Maltese wine industry accounts for 10% of total wine production worldwide.
Malta is a vibrant country with a fast-paced economy. In 2009 the real GDP reached €7.6 billion. Malta’s gross domestic product (GDP) in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) was €8.72 billion in 2014. This is very low in the European Union compared to other European countries, which, on the other hand, have smaller populations.
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