Meta subpoenaed tiny rival Dispo to prove it isn’t a monopoly

In a letter to Meta’s counsel early this month, Dispo pushed back, asking the company to withdraw the subpoena. The company argues that many of the demands Meta is making don’t even apply to Dispo, like asking for documentation of its acquisitions, and the requests that do are still “unduly burdensome, overbroad, vexatious and harassing.”

“We have 25 employees and no lawyers on staff,” Dispo co-founder and CEO Daniel Liss said in an email to TechCrunch. “Demanding our most sensitive trade secrets is extraneous to the legal question being debated.”

“Meta is casting an extraordinarily wide net for extremely sensitive materials from non-parties,” the coalition of tech companies wrote. The group argued that Meta’s sweeping requests would require them to produce millions of documents — a heavy lift, even for a company with a dedicated legal team.

“In addition to being highly burdensome, the subpoenas are also highly invasive. The types of information called for — including the Non-Parties’ pricing, user-acquisition, and competitive strategies — are among the most competitively sensitive documents that Non-Parties possess.”

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