Major Merger and Acquisation

YearPurchaserPurchasedTransaction value
[1] Inflation adjusted
(in billions USD)
(in billions 2019 USD)
1879United States Pacific Coast Oil Company[2][3]United States Star Oil0.0010.024
1901United States Steel Corporation[4]Carnegie Steel Company
Federal Steel Company
National Steel Company
1907New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company[5]Boston and Maine Corporation0.318.5
1909Interborough Rapid Transit Company[6][7]Metropolitan Street Railway0.2226.2
1915Midvale Steel Company[8][9]Remington Arms Company
Worth Brothers Company
1915United Dry Goods[10]Associated Merchants Company0.051.3
1918General Motors[11]United Motors Company0.0450.764
1928Consolidated Gas Company of New York[12]Brooklyn Edison Company115.1
1929Niagara and Eastern Power Corporation[13]MohawkHudson Power Corporation
Northeastern Power Corporation
1928United Light and Power Company[14]American Light and Traction0.5227.9
1928Hodenpyl & Hardy[12][15]Stevens & Wood0.57.5
1928Middle West Utilities[12]National Electric Power
National Public Service
New England Public Service
Inland Power and Light
1930Pacific Gas and Electric Company[16]Great Western Power Company
San Joaquin Light and Power Corporation
Midland Counties Public Service Corporation
1934Republic Steel[17]Corrigan-McKinney Steel Corporation0.3236.2
1931Bethlehem Steel[18]Pittsburgh Steel Company0.081.4
1932Studebaker Corporation[19]White Motor Company0.0260.495
1930Sinclair Consolidated Oil Corporation[20]Pierce Petroleum Corporation0.0250.386
1949Pan American Airways[21]American Overseas Airlines0.0590.636
1943Manufacturers Light and Heat Company[22]Manufacturers Gas Company
Pennsylvania Fuel Supply Company
Greensboro Gas Company
1949Union Oil of California[23]Los Nietos Company0.0220.239
1943Delaware Power and Light[24]Eastern Shore Public Service Company0.0160.239
1948Burlington Mills[25][26]May McEwen Kaiser0.0140.14
1959General Telephone[27]Sylvania Electric Products1.815.9
1957Armco[28]National Supply Company0.7687.1
1957American Can Company[29]Marathon Corporation0.7176.6
1955Monsanto[30]Lion Oil0.555.3
1956Continental Can Company[31]Robert Gair Company0.5495.2
1954Olin Industries[32]Mathieson Chemical0.54.8
1955Sunray Oil Corporation[33]Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation0.4864.7
1955Sperry Corporation[34]Remington Rand0.4664.5
1953Gulf Oil[35]Warren Petroleum Corporation0.424.1
1954Hudson Motor Car Company[36]Nash-Kelvinator0.3553.4
1969Atlantic Richfield[37]Sinclair Oil Corporation3.726
1965Union Oil[38]Pure Oil1.512
1968Hunt-Wesson[39]Canada Dry
McCall Corporation
1969Xerox Corporation[25][40]Scientific Data Systems0.9256
1967Rockwell-Standard[41]North American Aviation0.9227
1968Sun Oil[25][42]Sunray DX Oil Company0.7636
1965Continental Oil Company[43]Consolidation Coal0.625
1961American-Marietta Corporation[44]Glenn L. Martin Company0.65
1968Control Data Corporation[45]Commercial Credit Company0.5824
1967Studebaker Corporation[46]Worthington Corporation0.554
1979Shell Oil Company[47]Belridge Oil Company3.6513
1979RCA[48][49]CIT Financial1.35
1979Exxon[50]Reliance Electric1.24
1978United Technologies[51][52][53]Carrier Corporation14
1979Mobil[54]General Crude Oil0.7653
1976Atlantic Richfield[25][55][56]Anaconda Copper0.763
1978R. J. Reynolds Industries[57]Del Monte Corporation0.622
1978Johns Manville[25][58]Olinkraft Inc0.5852
1977Kennecott Copper[25][59]Carborundum Corporation0.5672
1978Philip Morris[25][60]Seven-Up Bottling Co0.522
1978Beatrice Foods[25][61]Tropicana Products0.4882
1977Unilever[25][62]National Starch and Chemical0.4852
1974Burmah Oil[25][63]Signal Oil & Gas0.482
1979American Brands[64]Franklin Life Insurance0.4652
1979Standard Oil of Indiana[65]Cyprus Mines Corporation0.462
1989Kohlberg Kravis Roberts[66][67]RJR Nabisco3164
1989Mitsui Bank[68][69]Taiyo Kobe Bank22.847
1989Warner Communications[70]Time Inc.15.231
1984Standard Oil of California[71]Gulf Oil13.232
1988Philip Morris[72]Kraft Foods13.128
1989Bristol Myers[73]Squibb1225
1984Texaco[74]Getty Oil10.125
1989Beecham Group[75][76]SmithKline Beckman7.916
1987BP[77][78][79]Standard Oil of Ohio7.818
1988Campeau Corporation[81]Federated Department Stores6.614
1985General Electric[82]RCA6.315
1982United States Steel Corp.[83]Marathon Oil616
1985Kohlberg Kravis Roberts[84]Beatrice Companies614
1985Philip Morris Companies[85]General Foods5.814
1987Dome Mines[86][87]Placer Development
Campbell Red Lake Mines
1984Mobil[88]Superior Oil Company5.714
1988Grand Metropolitan[89]Pillsbury Company5.712
1989Dow Chemical Company[90]Marion Laboratories5.712
1984Royal Dutch/Shell Group[91][92]Shell Oil Company5.514
1989Hanson plc[93]Consolidated Gold Fields5.511
1985General Motors[94]Hughes Aircraft Company5.212
1988British American Tobacco ( Batus Inc.)[95]Farmers Insurance Group5.211
1987John Philp Thompson Sr.[96]Southland Corporation5.111
1988Thomas F. Frist Jr.
Richard Rainwater[97][98]
HCA Healthcare5.111
1988Eastman Kodak[99]Sterling Drug5.111
1981Elf Aquitaine[100]Texasgulf Inc.514
1985R.J. Reynolds Industries[101]Nabisco Brands4.912
1986Burroughs Corporation[102]Sperry Corporation4.811
1989Sony[103]Columbia Pictures4.810
1999Vodafone Airtouch plc[105]Mannesmann183281
1998Citicorp[109]Travelers Group70110
1999Bell Atlantic (Wireless Unit) [110][N 1]Vodafone Airtouch plc (US Wireless Unit)70107
1998Zeneca[111]Astra AB67105
1998NationsBank[112]Bank America6297
1999SBC Communications[113]Ameritech Corporation6295
1999Vodafone Group[114]AirTouch Communications5686
1999TotalFina[115]Elf Aquitaine54.383
1998Bell Atlantic[116]GTE53.3684
1996Bell Atlantic[117]NYNEX5285
1999AT&T[119]Tele-Communications Inc.4874
1999The Sumitomo Bank[120][121]The Sakura Bank45.570
1999Qwest Communications[122]US West4468
1998Hoechst AG[123]Rhône-Poulenc4367
1999Royal Bank of Scotland Group[124]National Westminster Bank plc42.565
1999Fuji Bank[125][120]Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank
Industrial Bank of Japan
1997Worldcom[127]MCI Communications3759
1999Mannesmann[128]Orange UK3655
1999Viacom[129]CBS Corporation35.655
1998Wells Fargo[130]Norwest Corporation3453
1999Olivetti[131]Telecom Italia (55% Stake)3452
1995Mitsubishi Bank[132][133]The Bank of Tokyo33.857
1998Banc One[134]First Chicago Bank29.847
1999BP-Amoco[136]Atlantic Richfield Company26.841
1999Monsanto[137]Pharmacia & Upjohn26.541
1999Lucent[138]Ascend Communications25.239
1997Union Bank of Switzerland[139]Swiss Bank Corporation2540
1999Clear Channel Broadcasting[140]AMFM Broadcasting Licenses, LLC23.837
1998Berkshire Hathaway[141]Gen Re2235
2000AOL[142]Time Warner182270
2007Gaz de France[143]Suez S.A.107132
2007RFS Holdings[144][145]ABN Amro98121
2004Royal Dutch Petroleum[146][147][N 2]Shell Transport & Trading Company plc95129
2000Glaxo Wellcome[148]SmithKline Beecham76113
2001Comcast[149]AT&T Broadband72104
2006Banca Intesa[150]Sanpaolo IMI7190
2008United States Department of the Treasury[152][N 3]American International Group67.881
2002Pfizer[158]Pharmacia Corp.6085
2004JPMorgan Chase[159]Bank One Corporation5879
2008HM Treasury[160][N 4]Royal Bank of Scotland Group5869
2005Procter & Gamble[161]Gillette5775
2000Deutsche Telekom[163]Voicestream50.775
2008Lloyds TSB Group[164]HBOS5059
2008Bank of America[165]Merrill Lynch & Co.5059
2009United States Department of the Treasury[166][N 5]General Motors49.559
2003Bank of America[167]FleetBoston Financial4765
2009Roche Holding AG[168]Genentech46.856
2008United States Department of the Treasury[169][170][N 6]Citigroup4553
2008United States Department of the Treasury[171][172][N 7]Bank of America4553
2009Merck & Co.[173]Schering-Plough41.149
2000JDS Uniphase[174]SDL Inc.4161
2004Cingular[175]AT&T Wireless4155
2009ExxonMobil[176]XTO Energy4149
2000France Télécom[177]Vodafone Airtouch plc ( Orange UK)40.360
2007Rio Tinto[179]Alcan38.147
2000Pacific Century Cyber Works[180]Cable & Wireless HKT Ltd3856
2005Tokyo Mitsubishi[181]UFJ Holdings3850
2006América Móvil[182]América Telecom3747
2006The Blackstone Group[183]Equity Office3646
2005ConocoPhillips[184]Burlington Resources35.647
2000Chevron Corporation[185]Texaco3552
2005Sprint Corporation[186]Nextel Communications3546
2005Bank of America[187]MBNA34.245
2006Mittal Steel Company[189]Arcelor33.6543
2007Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Texas Pacific Group[190]
TXU Corp.31.839
2006Nokia Corporation (Telecommunication Network Equipment Unit) [192][N 8]Siemens AG (Telecommunication Network Equipment Unit)31.640
2000Citigroup[193]Associates First Capital Corporation3146
2000Chase Manhattan Bank[194]J.P. Morgan & Co.30.946
2007Statoil[195]Norsk Hydro3037
2009Comcast[196]General Electric ( NBCUniversal)3036
2007Kohlberg Kravis Roberts[197]First Data2936
2004KBC Bank[199]Almanij28.1238
2008Verizon Wireless[200]Alltel28.133
2001BHP Ltd.[201]Billiton plc2840
2003Olivetti[131][202]Telecom Italia (45% Stake)27.839
2007Texas Pacific Group
Goldman Sachs Capital Partners[203]
2006Boston Scientific[204]Guidant27.234
2006Thomas H. Lee Partners
Bain Capital [205]
Clear Channel Broadcasting26.734
2009Berkshire Hathaway[206]Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp.26.331
2007The Blackstone Group[207]Hilton Hotels Corp2632
2007Freeport-McMoRan[208]Phelps Dodge25.932
2006Wachovia[209]Golden West Financial25.532
2008HM Treasury[210][N 9]Lloyds Banking Group25.430
2008Apollo Management
Texas Pacific Group[211]
Harrahs Entertainment25.130
2001Hewlett Packard Company[212]Compaq2536
2008United States Department of the Treasury[213][N 10]JPMorgan Chase2530
2008United States Department of the Treasury[214][N 11]Wells Fargo2530
2008Ministry of Finance[215][N 12]Fortis (Dutch Unit)23.328
2001American International Group[216]American General2333
2008Mars, Incorporated[217]Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company2327
2007Iberdrola[218]Scottish Power22.528
2006Richard Kinder
Goldman Sachs Capital Partners
The Carlyle Group
Riverstone Holdings
American International Group[219]
Kinder Morgan2228
2007Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Stefano Pessina[220]
Alliance Boots2227
2006Bayer[221]Schering AG21.527
2000Verisign[222]Network Solutions2131
2000Firstar Corporation[223]U.S. Bancorp2131
2006Thomas F. Frist Jr.
Bain Capital
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity[224]
HCA Healthcare2127
2006CVS[225]Caremark RX2127
2007Bank of America[226]ABN AMRO ( LaSalle Bank)2126
2006Ferrovial[228]BAA plc2025
2013Verizon CommunicationsVodafone Group (Verizon Wireless 45% Stake)130143
2015Dow ChemicalDuPont130140
2019United Technologies (Aerospace Division)Raytheon121121
2015AB InBevSABMiller107115
2018Energy Transfer EquityEnergy Transfer Partners9092
2017Linde AGPraxair8690
2016AT&TTime Warner85.4 — 108.791 — 116
2015Cheung Kong HoldingsHutchison Whampoa8592
2015Charter CommunicationsTime Warner Cable78.785
2019Bristol-Myers SquibbCelgene74.0 — 95.074 — 95
2018The Walt Disney Company21st Century Fox71.3 — 85.173 — 87
2014Kinder MorganKinder Morgan Energy Partners
Kinder Morgan Management
El Paso Pipeline Partners
2015ActavisAllergan, Inc70.576
2015Royal Dutch ShellBG Group70.0 — 81.976 — 88
2019Saudi AramcoSABIC69.169
2017CVS HealthAetna6972
2015DellEMC Corporation6772
2018Takeda PharmaceuticalShire plc64.365
2019AbbvieAllergan plc6363
2014HolcimLafarge S.A.6065
2016BayerMonsanto54.5 — 63.558 — 68
2018CignaExpress Scripts54.0 — 67.055 — 68
2019Groupe PSAFiat Chrysler5050
2014AT&TDirecTV49.0 — 67.153 — 72
2017British American TobaccoR. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company4951
2019DuPont (Nutrition & Biosciences Division)International Flavors & Fragrances45.445
2015Teva Pharmaceutical IndustriesActavis Generics40.544
2018Comcast CorporationSky plc3940
2018E.ON SEInnogy SE38.539
2019Occidental Petroleum CorpAnadarko Petroleum38.0 — 57.038 — 57
2015Berkshire HathawayPrecision Castparts37.240
2015Avago TechnologiesBroadcom Corporation3740
2018T-Mobile USSprint Corporation3738
2019Fidelity National Information ServicesWorldpay, Inc.35.0 — 4335 — 43
2018Harris CorporationL3 Technologies3435
2018IBMRed Hat3435
2016Shire plcBaxalta32.0 — 3534 — 37
2016Softbank GroupArm Holdings31.433
2010GDF SuezInternational Power3035
2016General Electric ( GE Oil and Gas)Baker Hughes3032
2017United TechnologiesRockwell Collins3031
2017Johnson & JohnsonActelion3031
2019Yahoo! JapanLine Corporation3030
2012T-Mobile USMetroPCS29.633
2011Express ScriptsMedco Health Solutions29.133
2015ACE LtdChubb Corporation28.331
2016EnbridgeSpectra Energy2830
2019BB&T (now Truist Financial)SunTrust Banks2828
2014Reynolds AmericanLorillard Tobacco Company27.430
2016AgriumPotash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc2729
2019London Stock Exchange GroupRefinitiv2727
2016MicrosoftLinkedIn Corp26.228
2011Duke EnergyProgress Energy Inc2630
2019Charles SchwabTD Ameritrade2626
2014ActavisForest Laboratories2527
2016Abbott LaboratoriesSt Jude Medical25.0 — 30.527 — 32
2019ViacomCBS Corporation2525
2019Pfizer (Upjohn Off-Patent Medicine Division)Mylan2525
2017Unibail-Rodamco SEWestfield Corporation24.726
2013Michael Dell
Silver Lake Partners
2010CenturyLinkQwest Corporation2428
2012Ministry of EconomyBankia2427
2015VimpelCom (Italian Assets)CK Hutchison Holdings (Italian Assets)2426
2016CenturyLinkLevel 3 Communications2426
2017Becton, Dickinson and CompanyC. R. Bard2425
2013Liberty GlobalVirgin Media23.326
2017Visa Inc.Visa Europe23.324
2013Berkshire Hathaway
3G Capital
2017Vodafone Group (Indian Operations)Idea Cellular2324
2018Marathon Petroleum CorpAndeavor23.0 — 35.623 — 36
2012Nippon SteelSumitomo Metal Industries22.4525
2014Facebook, IncWhatsApp Inc.2224
Grupo ACS
2019FiservFirst Data2222
2018Vodafone GroupLiberty Global (Germany & Eastern Europe Ops)21.822
2012Softbank GroupSprint Corporation21.624
2010VimpelComWeather Investments21.525
2019Global PaymentsTSYS21.522
2019Danaher CorporationGE (Biopharma Division)21.421
2011Johnson & JohnsonSynthes21.324
2010América MóvilTelmex2125
2011Kinder MorganEl Paso Corporation2124
2015MPLXMarkWest Energy2123
2018Keurig Green MountainDr Pepper Snapple Group2121
2012AB InBevGrupo Modelo20.122
2016Energy Transfer PartnersSunoco Logistics Partners2021
2016SACAM MutualisationCrédit Agricole (39 Regional Operators)2021
2018The Blackstone GroupThomson Reuters (Financial & Risk Unit)2020
2020Unilever plcUnilever N.V.8181
2020S&P GlobalIHS Markit4444
2020Nvidia CorporationSoftBank Group ( Arm Holdings)4040
2020Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneNTT Docomo4040
2020AstraZenecaAlexion Pharmaceuticals3939
2020Liberty Global ( Virgin Media)Telefónica ( O2)3838
2020Advanced Micro DevicesXilinx3535
2020Aon plcWillis Towers Watson3030
2020Salesforce.comSlack Technologies27.728
2020Huntington BancsharesTCF Financial Corporation2222
2020Analog DevicesMaxim Integrated2121
2020Seven & i HoldingsMarathon Petroleum ( Speedway LLC)2121
2020Gilead SciencesImmunomedics2121
2020Advent International
ThyssenKrupp (Elevator Division)20.420


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