List of tallest Men of the World.

United States272 cm8 ft 11.1 inRobert Wadlow
Tallest human in recorded history confirmed by Guinness World Records.
United States267 cm8 ft 9 inJohn Rogan
Second tallest man in recorded history. Weighed only 204 lb (92.5 kg). Unable to stand due to ankylosis.
United States263.5 cm8 ft 7¾ inJohn F. Carroll
8 ft 0 in (244 cm) standing height, 8 ft 7 3⁄4 in (263.5 cm) assuming normal spinal curvature.
Ukraine257 cm8 ft 5 inLeonid Stadnyk
Not officially recognized by Guinness World Records because he refused to be measured according to their standards.
Finland251.4 cm8 ft 3 inVäinö Myllyrinne
Recognized as the tallest living person from 1940 to his death in 1963. Measured 251.4 cm (8 ft 3 in) tall at his peak.
Canada251 cm8 ft 3 inÉdouard Beaupré
Tallest strongman as well as tallest wrestler in history. His death certificate described him as being 8 ft 3 in (2.51 m) tall and still growing.
Turkey251 cm8 ft 2.8 in[3]Sultan Kösen
The tallest living person since September 17, 2009, as determined by Guinness World Records.[4] He has 36.5-centimetre-long (1 ft 2 in) feet—the second-longest feet for a living person and 28.5-centimetre-long (11.22 in) hands—the longest for a living person.
Bangladesh249 cm8 ft 2 inJinnat Ali
Was not measured officially by Guinness. Tallest person in Bangladesh.
India249 cm8 ft 2 inVikas Uppal
Was not measured officially by Guinness.
United States249 cm8 ft 2 inDon Koehler
Tallest person in world for most of the 1970s.
United States249 cm8 ft 2 inBernard Coyne
Coyne’s World War I draft registration card, dated 29 August, gave his height as 8 ft (240 cm), although he had reached a height of 8 feet 2 inches (249 cm) by the time of his death. Possibly reached up to 8 ft 4 in (254 cm).
Ireland246 cm8 ft 1 inPatrick Cotter O’Brien
Tallest person recorded at the time and the first in medical history to stand at a verified height of eight feet (240 cm). Remains examined in 1972 and height verified.
Morocco246 cm8 ft 1 in[7]Brahim Takioullah
Possesses the world’s largest feet at 38 cm (1 ft 3 in).
Iran246 cm8 ft 1 inMorteza Mehrzad
Tallest man in Iran.[9] Gold medalist of Iran sitting volleyball national team in Summer Paralympic games Rio 2016
Germany246 cm8 ft 1 inJulius Koch
Probably never the world’s tallest person due to his life coinciding with that of John Rogan. Skeleton preserved in the Museum of Natural History in Mons, Belgium.
Mozambique246 cm8 ft 1 inGabriel Estêvão Monjane
Guinness World Records listed him as tallest man from 1988 to 1990.
India246 cm8 ft 1 inDharmendra Pratap Singh
Tallest living Indian person.[10]
Libya246 cm8 ft 1 inSuleiman Ali Nashnush
Libyan who was the tallest basketball player in the world.[citation needed]
France245 cm8 ft ​1⁄2 inJean-Joseph Brice
Known as “Le Géant des Vosges”, Ramonchamp, France; his exact height was controversial.
Germany244 cm8 ft 0 inAnton de Franckenpoint
Nickname Langer Anton. Skeleton later measured at 244 cm (8 ft 0 in).
China242 cm7 ft ​11 1⁄4 inZhang Juncai
Tallest living Chinese person.
Indonesia242 cm7 ft ​11 1⁄4 inSuparwono
Was the tallest man in Southeast Asia, and he was the tallest Indonesian; claimed to be 8 ft 10.5 in (270.5 cm). Officially measured (lying down and in the standing position) by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in December 2009.
Netherlands242 cm7 ft ​11 1⁄4 inAlbert Johan Kramer
Tallest man in the Netherlands; His brother-in-law was suffering from dwarfism and did not exceed 69 cm (27 in). Together they formed a variety act, with performances around the world.
Spain242 cm7 ft ​11 1⁄4 inMiguel Joaquín Eleicegui Arteaga (es)
“Gigante de Altzo”
Tallest man recorded in Spain. The 2017 Basque movie Handia is based on his life.
Puerto Rico241 cm7 ft 11 inFelipe Birriel
Tallest Puerto Rican recorded.
India241 cm7 ft 11 inAsadulla Khan
Tallest man in India.
Soviet Union240 cm7 ft 10 inAlexander Sizonenko
Soviet basketball player.
Egypt240 cm7 ft 10 inSa’id Muhammad Ghazi
He was billed as 300 cm (10 ft) in his life.
Belarus239 cm7 ft 10 inFeodor Machnow
Billed as 282 cm (9 ft 3 in) during his life.
Austria-Hungary238 cm7 ft 10 inGrgo Kusić
Tallest Croat recorded. Tallest citizen of Austria-Hungary of his time.
Pakistan238 cm7 ft 10 inNaseer Soomro
Tallest confirmed man living in Pakistan.
Netherlands238 cm7 ft 10 inRigardus Rijnhout
Second tallest man in the Netherlands; he was known as the giant of Rotterdam. Early June 2011, a life-size statue of Rijnhout was unveiled in the Oude Westen district in Rotterdam.
Brazil237 cm7 ft 9.3 inJoélisson Fernandes da Silva
Tallest living Brazilian.
Mongolia236 cm7 ft 9 inÖndör Gongor
Very tall man in early-20th-century Mongolia. Some other sources even give 245 cm (8 feet)
United States236 cm7 ft 9 inLouis Moilanen
Tallest person in Michigan history and one of the tallest men in the world during his lifetime. He may have been 8 ft 1 in (246 cm) tall.
United Kingdom236 cm7 ft 9 inAngus MacAskill
Tallest “true” giant (not due to a pathological condition). Tallest recorded man from the United Kingdom.
United Kingdom236 cm7 ft 9 in
William Bradley
United Kingdom236 cm7 ft 9 inFrederick Kempster
Height disputed between 7 ft 8.5 in (235 cm) and 8 ft 4.5 in (255.3 cm)[27]
United States236 cm7 ft 9 inMartin Van Buren Bates
Known as the Kentucky Giant or The Giant of the Hills.[28] He and Anna Haining Bates were the tallest married couple.
Germany236 cm7 ft 9 inWalter Straub
Tallest man in Germany while he was alive.
Algeria236 cm7 ft 9 inRachid Bara
Tallest man in Algeria while he was alive.
Soviet Union236 cm7 ft 9 inUvais Akhtaev
Soviet/Chechen basketball player in 1940–50s.
China236.17 cm7 ft 8.98 inSun Mingming
Chinese basketball player. Formerly second-tallest living person.
China236.1 cm7 ft 8.95 inBao Xishun
Considered the tallest living person by Guinness World Records until September 2009 when he was replaced by Sultan Kösen.
Tunisia235.9 cm7 ft 8.87 inRadhouane Charbib
Listed by Guinness World Records as tallest man until January 15, 2005, before Bao Xishun and Sun Mingming.
Brazil235 cm7 ft ​8 1⁄2 inRafael França do Nascimento
Tallest man in Brazil.[34]
Russia235 cm7 ft 8½ inNikolai Pankratov
Tallest man in Russia.
North Korea235 cm7 ft ​8 1⁄2 inRi Myung-hun
Former basketball player with the North Korean national team.
United States
235 cm7 ft ​8 1⁄3 inIgor Vovkovinskiy
Currently the tallest person living in the United States. Originally from Ukraine, moved to Rochester, Minnesota to be treated at the Mayo Clinic. Most recently has been acting in commercials and movies.[36] Became well known by wearing a T-shirt that read “Obama’s Biggest Supporter”. Took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, as one of the performers on the stage representing Ukraine.
United States235 cm7 ft 8 inBroc Brown
In 2015, the tallest teenager in the United States.
United States235 cm7 ft 8 inCecil Boling
Was 7 ft 8 in (234 cm) but shrank to 7 ft 0 in (213 cm) when his legs were replaced with artificial legs 8.5 in (22 cm) shorter.
United States234 cm7 ft 8 inBrenden Adams
Former tallest teenager in the world.
India234 cm7 ft 8 inPolipaka Gattaiah
Former tallest Indian.
Ivory Coast234 cm7 ft 8 inAbdramane Dembele
Tallest man in Ivory Coast.
United States234 cm7 ft 8 inBob Wegner
Professional Basketball Player
United States234 cm7 ft 8 inGeorge Bell
Former Tallest living American.
Fiji234 cm7 ft 8 inKaliova Seleiwau
Tallest living Fijian.
Austria234 cm7 ft 8 inAdam Rainer
Only person known to have been both a dwarf and giant. He was 118 cm (3 ft 10 in) tall at age 21 and peaked at 234 cm (7 ft 8 in) when he died, having doubled his height as an adult.
Pakistan234 cm7 ft 8 inAlam Channa
Pakistani, considered to be the tallest living man when he died in 1998.
Iceland234 cm7 ft 8 inJóhann K. Pétursson
Was the tallest person in Iceland.
Japan234 cm7 ft 8 inYasutaka Okayama
Tallest living Japanese. Tallest basketball player drafted in NBA history.
Austria-Hungary233.7 cm7 ft 8 inFranz Winkelmeier
One of the tallest people in his time.
Spain233 cm7 ft 7.7 inJaime Clemente Izquierdo
Spain’s tallest man in his lifetime.
Spain233 cm7 ft ​7 1⁄2 inAgustín Luengo Capilla
Circus performer. Tallest man in Spain at the time of his death.
United States232 cm7 ft 7½ inJack Earle
Jacob Rheuben Ehrlich. American silent film actor and sideshow performer.
Somalia233 cm7 ft 7.4 inHussain Bisad
Somalia, considered to be one of the tallest living men.
United Kingdom233 cm7 ft 7.4 inNeil Fingleton
Tallest NCAA Division I basketball player. Known for his role Mag the Mighty for the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.
Japan237 cm7 ft 9.3 inYoshimitsu Matsuzaka
Tallest man in Japan; no color images of him exist even though he died in the 1960s.
China233 cm7 ft 7 inWang Feng-Jun
Asia’s tallest man in 2004.
Argentina231 cm7 ft 7 inJorge González
Tallest wrestler in WWE history.
United Kingdom231 cm7 ft 7.26 inPaul Sturgess
Tied for the tallest player to play college basketball in the U.S.
United States231 cm7 ft 7 inKenny George
Second-tallest NCAA Division I basketball player (Neil Fingleton).
United States231 cm7 ft 7 inLock Martin
He played the robot in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.
United Kingdom231 cm7 ft 7 inCharles Byrne
Skeleton now resides in the Hunterian Museum.
United States231 cm7 ft 7 inMax Palmer
Actor and pro wrestler. Listed by Guinness World Records at 7 ft 7 in (231 cm), claimed 8 ft 1 in (246 cm).
Romania231 cm7 ft 7 inGheorghe Mureșan
Tied for tallest in National Basketball Association (NBA) history.
Romania231 cm7 ft 7 inRobert Bobroczky
Romanian basketball player who was 2.31 m (7 ft 7 in) in 2017–18, aged 16.[59]
Sudan231 cm7 ft 7 inManute Bol
Tied for tallest in NBA history.
Armenia230 cm7 ft 7 inArshavir Grigoryan
Tallest man in Armenia.
Azerbaijan230 cm7 ft 7 inAleksandar Rindin
Tallest man in Azerbaijan.
Belgium230 cm7 ft 6.75 inAlain Delaunois
Tallest living Belgian.
Montenegro230 cm7 ft 6.5 inSlavko Vraneš
Tallest Montenegrin basketball player in the national basketball team, former player in the NBA
Vietnam229 cm7 ft 6.25 inTrần Thành Phố
Was the tallest man in Vietnam when he died in 2010
Senegal229 cm7 ft 6.25 inMalik Sidibe
Tallest basketball player in Senegal.
United Kingdom229 cm7 ft ​6 1⁄4 inChristopher Greener
Formerly Britain’s tallest man
Algeria229 cm7 ft ​6 1⁄5 inSaad Kaiche
Former basketball player of Club Baloncesto Breogán of Lugo.
United States229 cm7 ft 6 inRalph Madsen
Billed as 7 ft 6 in (229 cm).
United States229 cm7 ft 6 inMills Darden
Known for his extreme weight and height. Weighed 1,021 lb (463 kg).
China229 cm7 ft 6 inYao Ming
Was the tallest player in the NBA during his playing years until his retirement in 2011.
United States
229 cm7 ft 6 inShawn Bradley
Former player in the NBA, 1993–2005, tallest living German (holding dual citizenship).
Senegal229 cm7 ft 6 inMoussa Seck
Tallest basketball player in Senegal
United States229 cm7 ft 6 inMatthew McGrory
Was the world’s tallest actor when he died in 2005.
Senegal229 cm7 ft 6 inMamadou N’Diaye
Was the tallest in high school and college basketball while playing in the USA (tied for tallest with Tacko Fall in his final college season in 2015–16).
United States229 cm7 ft 6 inConrad Furrows
He was listed in the Bernard L. Kobel Catalogue of Human Oddities of Circus Sideshows.
Russia229 cm7 ft 5.8 inSergey Ilin
Tallest basketball player in Russia.
Spain229 cm7 ft 6 inFermín Arrudi Urieta
Tallest man in Spain at the time of his death.
Democratic Republic of the Congo228 cm7 ft ​5 2⁄3 inBienvenu Letuni
Tallest basketball player in DRC
Poland228 cm7 ft ​5 2⁄3 inEugeniusz Taraciński
Tallest man in Poland while he was alive.
Colombia228 cm7 ft ​5 2⁄3 inAsdrúbal Herrera Mora
Tallest living Colombian. Tied for tallest South American man with Margarito Machacuay
Slovakia228 cm7 ft ​5 2⁄3 inMartin Miklosik
Tallest basketball player in the Slovak Republic.
Peru228 cm7 ft ​5 2⁄3 inMargarito Machacuay
Tied for the tallest South American person with Asdrúbal Herrera and is the fifth-tallest in the Americas.
Senegal226 cm7 ft 5 inTacko Fall
Currently the tallest player in the NBA since being signed by the Celtics in 2019. Was the tallest high school basketball player in the US as of 2014,[81] and was the tallest player in US college basketball from 2016 to 2019.
Malta226 cm7 ft 5 inSamuel Deguara
Tallest man in Italy and Malta.
Nigeria225 cm7 ft ​4 1⁄2 inAfeez Agoro Oladimeji
Tallest man in Nigeria.
United States
221 cm7 ft 3 inJakob Nacken
Tallest Nazi soldier in World War II World’s tallest man at the time.
Malaysia220 cm7 ft 1 inMohd Azli Hisyam
Tallest man in Malaysia.


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