List of International Holidays of 2021

DateWeekdayHoliday or ObservanceCalendar
Jan 1Friday
Western New Year
Jan 6WednesdayEpiphany
Jan 7ThursdayOrthodox Christmasorthodox
Jan 14ThursdayOrthodox New Yearorthodox
Jan 14ThursdayTamil Thai Pongal Daysolar
Jan 19TuesdayAquarius (UTC)solar
Jan 28ThursdayThaipusamhindu solar
Feb 12FridayChinese New Year / Spring Festivalchinese lunar
Feb 12FridayDangpa Losar / Bhutanese New Year (Year of the Female Iron Ox)bhutanese lunar
Feb 12FridayLosar / Tibetan New Yeartibetan lunar
Feb 12FridaySeol-nal / Korean New Yearkorean lunar
Feb 12FridayTet Nguyen Dan / Vietnamese New Yearvietnamese lunar
Feb 12FridayTsagaan Sar / Mongolian New Year (Year of the White Cow)mongolian lunar
Feb 16TuesdayShrove Tuesday / Carnivaleaster
Feb 17WednesdayAsh Wednesdayeaster
Feb 18ThursdayPisces (UTC)solar
Feb 26FridayPurimjewish
Mar 8Monday
International Women’s Day
Mar 10WednesdayMi-Carême / Mid-Lenteaster
Mar 11ThursdayLailat al Miraj / The Prophet’s Ascension (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Mar 11ThursdayMaha Shivaratreehindu lunar
Mar 15MondayOrthodox Clean Mondayorth. easter
Mar 16TuesdayOrthodox Shrove Tuesdayorth. easter
Mar 17WednesdayOrthodox Ash Wednesdayorth. easter
Mar 20SaturdayAries (UTC)solar
Mar 20SaturdayVernal Equinox / Spring (UTC)solar
Mar 28SundayLailat al Bara’a / Night of Emancipation (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Mar 28SundayPalm Sundayeaster
Mar 28SundayPesach / Jewish Passoverjewish
Mar 29MondayHoli Phagwahindu lunar
Apr 1ThursdayMaundy Thursdayeaster
Apr 2FridayGood Fridayeaster
Apr 4SundayEastereaster
Apr 4SundayQing Ming Jie / Tomb Sweeping Daychinese solar
Apr 5MondayEaster Mondayeaster
Apr 13Tuesday
Laotian New Year
Apr 13TuesdayOugadi / Ugaadihindu lunar
Apr 13TuesdayStart of Ramadan (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Apr 14WednesdayCambodian New Yearsolar
Apr 17Saturday
Burmese New Year
Apr 19MondayTaurus (UTC)solar
Apr 21WednesdayRam Navamihindu lunar
Apr 25SundayMahavir Jayanti / Janma Kalyanakhindu lunar
Apr 29ThursdayNuzul Quran / Revelation of the Qur’an (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Apr 30FridayGreat Prayer Dayeaster
Apr 30FridayOrthodox Good Fridayorth. easter
May 1Saturday
International Labour Day
May 1SaturdayOrthodox Holy Saturdayorth. easter
May 2SundayOrthodox Easterorth. easter
May 3MondayOrthodox Easter Mondayorth. easter
May 7FridayJumatul Bidah / Friday of Farewell (Umm al-Qura)muslim
May 9SundayLailat al Qadr / Night of Destiny (Umm al-Qura)muslim
May 13ThursdayAscension Dayeaster
May 13ThursdayEid al Fitr / End of Ramadan (Umm al-Qura)muslim
May 17MondayShavuotjewish
May 20ThursdayGemini (UTC)solar
May 23SundayWhit Sunday / Pentecosteaster
May 24MondayWhit Mondayeaster
June 3ThursdayCorpus Christieaster
June 14MondayDuan Wu Jie / Dragon Boat Festivalchinese lunar
June 21MondayCancer (UTC)solar
June 21MondayOrthodox Pentecost Mondayorth. easter
June 21MondaySummer Solstice / Summer (UTC)solar
July 19MondayArafat Day (Umm al-Qura)muslim
July 20TuesdayEid al Adha / Feast of Sacrifice (Umm al-Qura)muslim
July 22ThursdayLeo (UTC)solar
Aug 9MondayIslamic New Year / Hijra New Year (1443) (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Aug 15SundayAssumption
Aug 16MondayParsi New Yearzoroastrian
Aug 18WednesdayAshura (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Aug 21SaturdayOnam / Thiruonamhindu solar
Aug 22SundayVirgo (UTC)solar
Sep 7TuesdayRosh Hashanah / Jewish New Year (5782)jewish
Sep 10FridayGanesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chaturthi / Chaturthi Pakshahindu lunar
Sep 16ThursdayYom Kippurjewish
Sep 21TuesdaySukkotjewish
Sep 21TuesdayZhong Qu Jie / Mid Autumn Festivalchinese lunar
Sep 22WednesdayAutumnal Equinox / Fall (UTC)solar
Sep 22WednesdayLibra (UTC)solar
Sep 25SaturdayMagal de Touba (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Oct 11Monday
Canadian Thanksgiving
Oct 15FridayDassainhindu lunar
Oct 18MondayMawlid an Nabi / The Prophet’s Birthday (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Oct 23SaturdayScorpio (UTC)solar
Oct 25MondayBaptism of the Prophet (Umm al-Qura)muslim
Oct 31Sunday
Reformation Day
Nov 1MondayAll Saints’ Day
Nov 2TuesdayAll Souls’ Day
Nov 4ThursdayNorthern Deepavali / Diwali Amavasyahindu lunar
Nov 4ThursdaySouthern Deepavali / Diwali Krisna Chaturdasihindu lunar
Nov 19FridayGuru Nanak Jayantihindu lunar
Nov 22MondaySagittarius (UTC)solar
Nov 25Thursday
US Thanksgiving
Nov 28Sunday
First Sunday in Advent
Dec 5Sunday
Second Sunday in Advent
Dec 8Wednesday
Immaculate Conception
Dec 12Sunday
Third Sunday in Advent
Dec 19Sunday
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Dec 21TuesdayCapricorn (UTC)solar
Dec 21TuesdayWinter Solstice / Winter (UTC)solar
Dec 25Saturday
Western Christmas
Dec 26Sunday
Boxing Day / Saint Stephen’s Day
Dec 31Friday
Western New Year’s Eve


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