List of heaviest people

Peak weight
Jon Brower MinnochUnited States635 kg1,400 lb1.85 m
6 ft 1 in
Largest ever documented weight loss, of 419 kg (924 lb; 66 st),[1] until Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari surpassed the record in 2017.
Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari[2]Saudi Arabia610 kg1,340 lb1.73 m
5 ft 8 in
In November 2017, Al Arabiya reported that he had lost 542 kg (1,195 lb; 85 st 5 lb) and now weighed 68 kg (150 lb; 10.7 st).
Manuel Uribe[4]Mexico597 kg1,316 lb1.96 m
6 ft 5 in
After world-wide media attention in 2006, he lost over 225 kg (496 lb; 35 st 6 lb) in a two-year period.
Juan Pedro FrancoMexico595 kg1,312 lb Peak weight measured in October 2016. Reduced 345 kg (761 lb; 54 st 5 lb) by February 2018.
Carol YagerUnited States544 kg1,200 lb1.70 m
5 ft 7 in
Heaviest woman ever recorded. Peak weight of 727 kg (1,603 lb; 114 st 7 lb) not confirmed. Lost 236 kg (520 lb; 37 st 2 lb) in three months on a 1,200 kcal per day diet.
Robert Butler[8]United States544 kg1,200 lb In 2006 he was 408 kg (899 lb; 64 st 3 lb), reached peak weight in 2015, the year of his death.
Walter HudsonUnited States543 kg1,197 lb1.78 m
5 ft 10 in
Had the largest waist ever in circumference at 9 ft 11 in (3.02 m).
Francis John Lang (Michael Walker)[10][11]United States538 kg1,186 lb1.88 m
6 ft 2 in
In 1980, he weighed 167 kg (368 lb; 26 st 4 lb).
Eman Ahmed Abd El AtyEgypt500 kg1,100 lb1.40 m
4 ft 7 in
Second heaviest woman in history. Before her death, she lost around 325 kg (717 lb; 51 st 3 lb) in weight-loss treatment.
Michael HebrankoUnited States499 kg1,100 lb1.83 m
6 ft 0 in
Patrick Deuel[14]United States486 kg1,071 lb1.70 m
5 ft 7 in
Robert Earl HughesUnited States485 kg1,069 lb1.84 m
6 ft 0 in
Heaviest human to be able to walk
Rosalie BradfordUnited States477 kg1,052 lb1.68 m
5 ft 6 in
Holds the Guinness World Record for most weight lost by a woman, 349 kg (769 lb; 54 st 13 lb).[citation needed]
Mayra RosalesUnited States470 kg1,040 lb1.60 m
5 ft 3 in
As of 2013, had lost an estimated 363 kg (800 lb; 57 st 2 lb).
Kenneth Brumley[17]United States468 kg1,032 lb  
Andre Nasr[18][19]Australia468 kg1,032 lb  
Mike Parteleno[11]United States464 kg1,023 lb1.90 m
6 ft 3 in
Mills DardenUnited States463 kg1,021 lb2.29 m
7 ft 6 in
Sean MillikenUnited States455 kg1,003 lb Featured on the TV show My 600 lb Life.
Catrina Raiford[21]United States454 kg1,000 lb1.57 m
5 ft 2 in
Sylvanus Smith[22]United States454 kg1,000 lb1.89 m
6 ft 2 in
David Ron High[23][11]United States454 kg1,000 lb1.78 m
5 ft 10 in
Michael EdelmanUnited States451 kg994 lb  
José Luis Garza[24]Mexico449 kg990 lb  
Paul Jonathan Mason[25][26]United Kingdom445 kg981 lb1.93 m
6 ft 4 in
In 2014 weighed 140 kg (310 lb; 22 st 1 lb), a total weight loss of 304 kg (670 lb; 47 st 12 lb).
Keith Martin[28][29]United Kingdom445 kg981 lb1.69 m
5 ft 7 in
Denny Welch[11][30]United States444 kg979 lb  
Andrés MorenoMexico444 kg979 lb Died on Christmas Day, 2015, due to his morbid obesity.
Samantha MasonUnited States442 kg974 lb Featured on the TV show My 600 lb Life. Has since dropped to 496 lb (225 kg; 35 st 6 lb) 


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