List of Best E-commerce Platforms

The best e-Commerce platform is a comprehensive software tool that allows merchants to build and manage a digital storefront for their products or services. Because best e-Commerce platforms create a centralized, digital hub for product and customer data, they allow eCommerce businesses to do things like customizing product information, manage web content and layout, allow online transactions to occur, and adjust the platform according to businesses’ online needs.

Top 10 e-Commerce Platforms

These are the Best E-Commerce Platforms:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Salesforce B2C Commerce
  • Ecwid
  • 2Checkout
  • Oracle Commerce
  • nopCommerce
  • Sellfy
  • Miva

Shopify is the largest multichannel web-based trading platform engineered for small and medium scale enterprises. Sellers may use the platform to plan, set up, and operate their businesses through various distribution platforms, like online, smartphone, social networking, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar sites, and pop-ups. The portal often provides a strong back-office to retailers and a clear view of their company. The Shopify framework was built for usability and volume, leveraging company-level technologies made open to companies of all sizes.

BigCommerce allows companies to expand internet revenues at a rate, effort, and expense 80 percent lower than on-site apps. BigCommerce is designed to be from the basic level for easy to use interface. Their late entry into the e-commerce space has been used to develop better functionality. Users will be able to conveniently sell the items with BigCommerce on eBay, Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. In specific, B2C stores will be involved in their strong penetration into the social network.

WooCommerce is the WordPress eCommerce plug-in which is the most famous. And it’s easy and free to get. Loaded with a maximum of functionality, it built seamlessly into the self-hosted WordPress platform. Customers can use the free eCommerce browser extension to add potent shop infrastructure to the WordPress site. At more than 24 percent of all online stores, WooCommerce makes customers perfectly sell everything.

Salesforce B2C Commerce offers the energy, flexibility, creativity, and outstanding analytics required to navigate a relentless and unexpected transition in the modern retail world. It contains a robust retail data model with core market features that are consistent across consumer apps and delivering platforms. This also contains a system API that enables unique creation without disturbing the continuous update process. This eliminates the obstacles and uncertainties of conventional licensed and hosting apps, which encourages retailers to introduce innovative market strategies stimulating innovation.

Ecwid is a centralized cloud trading network used by more than 1 million traders in more than 170 countries and provides the fastest way to connect an online marketplace to every page, networking media, or several platforms at the same time. With Ecwid, users get everything they need in just minutes to start selling online. Easily integrated into every site presence and leading POS platforms, you can advertise, stock, and offer goods and services remotely at any time from several retail retailers through device control and point of sale compatibility.

2Checkout is a digital trading & payment platform that lets businesses market their goods and services through various platforms, gain multi-touch clients, improve consumer and revenue satisfaction, exploit better payment solutions and monthly billing models, and optimize transaction conversion levels.

Oracle Commerce is indeed the top-ranked e-commerce platform for the market that drives the leading popular brands and offers reliable, customized multiple channels of the consumer experience. Oracle Commerce provides a full company tech framework that helps businesses to provide a customized consumer service shopping experience through all interaction points like the site, call center, mobile apps, social networking, local retailers, and much more.

NopCommerce is the first open-source global e-commerce application operating on ASP.NET. This is free software with robust functionality that appeals to all forms of customers, from small online enterprises to the most challenging eCommerce specialists at the enterprise level. NopCommerce is one of the fastest, most secure, and most extensible shopping stores. The application has a rich design, with multiple apps out of the box. There is also plenty of additional features that users can consider on the platform. There’s online assistance accessible on group sites.

Sellfy is a web-based eCommerce application developed to allow online content creators to promote their goods digitally, including authors, visual artists, artists, performers, and filmmakers. Users may set up a customized marketplace to view digital items and attach product icons to their own website/blog. Sellfy stores have specific product sites and enable users to show their items with various pictures and previews from various angles. This also provides unrestricted capacity and safe storage of the goods. Users may also insert their whole shop or specific project widgets into their own platform, including the option to monitor and modify the show of widgets.

Miva’s innovative hybrid SaaS platform blends SaaS’s user-friendliness and assured protection with the simplicity and robust features contained in open source as well as on-premise applications. The default features of Miva provide a rich array of shopping and merchandising devices that minimize the need for plug-ins from third parties. Miva helps retailers to run B2B and B2C transactions from a common platform, showcasing goods and delivering discounts targeted to different categories of consumers.


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