List Of Animals of the World

Generic NameScientific NameCategory
Amur LeopardPanthera pardus orientalisCritically Endangered
Black RhinoDiceros bicornisCritically Endangered
Bornean OrangutanPongo pygmaeusCritically Endangered
Cross River GorillaGorilla gorilla diehliCritically Endangered
Eastern Lowland GorillaGorilla beringei graueriCritically Endangered
Hawksbill TurtleEretmochelys imbricataCritically Endangered
Javan RhinoRhinoceros sondaicusCritically Endangered
OrangutanPongo abelii, Pongo pygmaeusCritically Endangered
SaolaPseudoryx nghetinhensisCritically Endangered
Sumatran ElephantElephas maximus sumatranusCritically Endangered
Sumatran OrangutanPongo abeliiCritically Endangered
Sumatran RhinoDicerorhinus sumatrensisCritically Endangered
Sunda TigerPanthera tigris sondaicaCritically Endangered
VaquitaPhocoena sinusCritically Endangered
Western Lowland GorillaGorilla gorilla gorillaCritically Endangered
Yangtze Finless PorpoiseNeophocaena asiaeorientalis ssp. asiaeorientalisCritically Endangered
African Wild DogLycaon pictusEndangered
Asian ElephantElephas maximus indicusEndangered
Black-footed FerretMustela nigripesEndangered
Blue WhaleBalaenoptera musculusEndangered
Bluefin TunaThunnus ThynnusEndangered
BonoboPan paniscusEndangered
Bornean ElephantElephas maximus borneensisEndangered
ChimpanzeePan troglodytesEndangered
Fin WhaleBalaenoptera physalusEndangered
Galápagos PenguinSpheniscus mendiculusEndangered
Ganges River DolphinPlatanista gangetica gangeticaEndangered
Green TurtleChelonia mydasEndangered
Hector’s DolphinCephalorhynchus hectoriEndangered
Humphead WrasseCheilinus undulatusEndangered
Indian ElephantElephas maximus indicusEndangered
Indus River DolphinPlatanista minorEndangered
Irrawaddy DolphinOrcaella brevirostrisEndangered
Mountain GorillaGorilla beringei beringeiEndangered
North Atlantic Right WhaleEubalaena glacialisEndangered
Red PandaAilurus fulgensEndangered
Sea LionsZalophus wollebaekiEndangered
Sea TurtleCheloniidae and Dermochelyidae familiesEndangered
Sei WhaleBalaenoptera borealisEndangered
Sri Lankan ElephantElephas maximus maximusEndangered
TigerPanthera tigrisEndangered
WhaleBalaenoptera, Balaena, Eschrichtius, and EubalaenEndangered
Whale SharkRhincodon typusEndangered
African ElephantLoxodonta africanaVulnerable
Bigeye TunaThunnus obesusVulnerable
Black Spider MonkeyAteles paniscusVulnerable
DugongDugong dugonVulnerable
Forest ElephantVulnerable
Giant PandaAiluropoda melanoleucaVulnerable
Giant TortoiseVulnerable
Great White SharkCarcharodon carchariasVulnerable
Greater One-Horned RhinoRhinoceros unicornisVulnerable
HippopotamusHippopotamus amphibiusVulnerable
Leatherback TurtleDermochelys coriaceaVulnerable
Loggerhead TurtleCaretta carettaVulnerable
Marine IguanaAmblyrhynchus cristatusVulnerable
Olive Ridley TurtleLepidochelys olivaceaVulnerable
Polar BearUrsus maritimusVulnerable
Savanna ElephantLoxodonta africana africanaVulnerable
Snow LeopardPanthera unciaVulnerable
Southern rockhopper penguinEudyptes chrysocomeVulnerable
Albacore TunaThunnus alalungaNear Threatened
BelugaDelphinapterus leucasNear Threatened
Greater Sage-GrouseCentrocercus urophasianusNear Threatened
JaguarPanthera oncaNear Threatened
Mountain PloverCharadrius montanusNear Threatened
NarwhalMonodon monocerosNear Threatened
Plains BisonBison bison bisonNear Threatened
White RhinoCeratotherium simumNear Threatened
Yellowfin TunaThunnus albacaresNear Threatened
Arctic FoxVulpes lagopusLeast Concern
Arctic WolfCanis lupus arctosLeast Concern
Bowhead WhaleBalaena mysticetusLeast Concern
Brown BearUrsus arctosLeast Concern
Common Bottlenose DolphinTursiops truncatesLeast Concern
Gray WhaleEschrichtius robustusLeast Concern
MacawAra araraunaLeast Concern
PronghornAntilocarpa americanaLeast Concern
Skipjack TunaKatsuwonus pelamisLeast Concern
Swift FoxVulpes veloxLeast Concern
Tree KangarooDendrolagus sp.Least Concern
Amazon River DolphinScientific Name Inia geoffrensisLeast Concern
Continental TigerPanthera tigris tigrisLeast Concern
Dolphins and PorpoisesLeast Concern
ElephantLeast Concern
GorillaGorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringeiLeast Concern
Monarch ButterflyDanaus plexippusLeast Concern
Pacific SalmonLeast Concern
PangolinLeast Concern
PenguinSpheniscidaeLeast Concern
Poison Dart FrogDendrobates speciesLeast Concern
RhinoLeast Concern
SealsLeast Concern
SharkLeast Concern
SlothLeast Concern
TunaThunnus and Katsuwonus speciesLeast Concern


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