Keep Track of Your Wallet, Keys and More With This 4-Pack of AirTags for $89

Keep Track of Your Wallet, Keys and More With This 4-Pack of AirTags for $89

Constantly misplacing your keys or bag? Save time and energy with Apple AirTags, the tiny devices that help you find your most-needed items. A one-tap setup connects an AirTag to your iPhone or iPad, then use the Find My app to play a sound on the built-in speaker that will help lead you right to the item you’re looking for, whether that’s your wallet, gym bag luggage or keys. Right now you can get a four-pack of the Apple AirTag for just $89 at Best Buy.

AirTags are IP67 water- and dust-resistant and the replaceable battery lasts over a year, which make AirTags a durable option for long-term use. Plus, all communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, and location data and history are never stored. One safety item you should be aware of is that AirTags have been linked to other concerns, like stalking, though Apple is addressing that by adding new anti-stalking notifications in the most recent release of iOS 15.4 — users will be notified when an unknown AirTag may be on them. However, if your friends have AirTags, don’t fret. Alerts won’t come if the owner is close by.

If you tend to misplace things, investing in this four-pack could help you stay organized, so take advantage of the savings while they last.


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