Instagram Reels adds support for fundraisers in 30 countries worldwide

The company hadn’t yet officially announced fundraising in Reels, although some users had early access to the feature.

Although it’s worthwhile to allow online celebs and influencers to tap into their fandom to raise money for good causes, Meta benefits too. Users who become familiar with the fundraiser process could then be inclined to try it again in the future.

The company says that, to date, more than 4 million people have donated over $150 million through Facebook and Instagram fundraisers to combat climate change and support environmental protection. Typically, Instagram users’ donations clock in at less than $20, but these small numbers add up. So far, the most popular nonprofits on Instagram, based on the number of donors, for environmental causes include The Ocean Cleanup, World Wildlife Fund and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

 4/19/22, 11 AM ET: Updated to clarify Meta charges processing fees and taxes on personal fundraisers only, but is not currently taking a charging platform fees.

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