Economic despair in 2020

In 2020, People have gone through Economic Despair

Like any other year, the start of 2020 was premised on high hopes for better fortunes and tidings by Kenyans with many coining the unofficial phrase ‘2020 Vision’.

However, 12 months on, this phrase couldn’t be further from the facts as millions mark the end of the year in economic despair attributed largely to the COVID-19 pandemic which seemingly struck out of the blues.

Like the start of a horror film, the year began on ‘normal’ footing with the economy expanding by nearly five percent in the first quarter according to data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

Mid-March would however serve as the interjection to observed growth with the pandemic edging the economy from the rails and off its wheels.

What begun as a health emergency would gradually transition to an economic crisis as measures affected to contain the spread of the virus cut off livelihoods for millions of Kenyans.