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Human Help Foundation – NGO in Pune

Human Help Foundation holds its greatest pride in putting its active efforts for educating the world. They are on a mission to ensure that every learning mind gets equal opportunity to learn like other sections of the society. Their services are consolidated to make sure that education facilities must reach every corner. Their services support the education of the aspiring minds at every level. Starting from the fundamental education system, They are actively participating in the educational help to the advanced levels too. If you know someone who is doing exceptionally well in his studies but has to discontinue because of any of the circumstances, let the information reach them. They will make sure that no one stop his education. They are here to support them financially, professionally and mentally to continue his studies.

Target Of NGO

They are actively participating in offering this service to the lower section of the society who are unable to meet their hand to mouth needs. They help them to arrange funds for funding their education at all the levels. Human help foundation believes in creating equal educational, job opportunities to all.

Human help foundation is committed to bringing happy health in everyone’s life. Their team is putting 24*7 efforts to make sure that proper medical services reach the people. There are many people who are lacking from the proper health facilities. These services are often neglected because of the poor financial status of their family. They are finding those poor souls and are helping them at the First hand. The main motive is to ensure that they get the timely care. They have been offering the services in terms of primary health care. Apart from it, they are also offering our help to the chronic disease patients. Patients suffering from cancer are given special care through our organisation. If you know someone who is battling to his life or is not able to support the family, let them know. Human help foundation will be more than happy to offer our care to them.

Services of NGO during Covid.

Looking at the current pandemic situation, Their services are also extended to give them proper medical care. They are associated with health partners to make sure that none of the life faces any pain or struggle to live healthy. They believe that: “He who has health has hope! And one who has hope has everything!

Life is too short for charity. Let us dedicate every breath of ours to serve mankind. It is the time to relive humanity by serving humans all across the world with it. The idea to begin with this concept is to make sure that all the kind hearts who are willing to do something good for the humans, can come together and do a collaborative effort. Said Mr. Yakub Sheikh, National President, Human Help Foundation

Serve Others, Help Others, Raise Others

At Human Help Foundation, they believe in growing the world as one family, every human is to have cared for society.


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