Gov Mike DWine

Gov. Mike DeWine signs into law bill that allows home Delivery of Liquor

Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 674 into law, allowing home delivery of distilled spirits and removing some liquor sales provisions.

The bill—now law—revises liquor laws, allowing the Ohio Division of Liquor Control to implement rules permitting home delivery of distilled spirits in original containers.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, home delivery of distilled spirits will be accompanied by the same protocols that all alcoholic beverage purchases require by law, including age verification.

Sunday and holiday sales provisions on liquor, as well as the 24 hour and 4 a.m. sales provisions on liquor have been removed as a result of the law.

With the passage of the bill also comes a new liquor license that allows the Division of Liquor to issue permits to charitable organizations, labor unions or employers of 10 or more people to sell beer or wine at a special function.

HB 674 was passed by the Ohio House in December, after Senate amendments, by a vote of 75-9.