Got a New iPhone SE? This Speck Case Is Only $5

Got a New iPhone SE? This Speck Case Is Only $5

The latest iPhone SE (2022) is Apple’s most affordable iPhone, starting at $429 for the 64GB version and $479 for the 128GB version. Since the upgraded-on-the-inside iPhone SE3 has the same chassis as its SE predecessor and the earlier iPhone 7 and 8, there are plenty of existing cases out there for it, some of them nicely discounted. That includes a number of cases from Speck, which makes some of the top phone cases and has been churning out SE3-compatible cases for years.

Currently, the best bargain on a Speck iPhone SE3 case is the Presidio Clear Plus with a golden blossoms pattern. It’s a really solid case, though its flowery print pattern may not have universal appeal. Fear not, here are a few other Speck case deals for the SE3 to check out:

Presidio Show ($8)
Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre ($8)
Slim Clear ($10)
CandyShell Lite ($9)


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