Global Biggest Industries by Revenue in 2020

Global Biggest Industries by Revenue in 2020

Highest Revenue generating Industries of 2020.



Revenue (2020)


1 Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers $4,384,3B

Industry provides crucial risk management services to downstream consumers and is a vital part of the financial sector, particularly with respect to the industry’s massive asset holdings

2 Global Pension Funds $3,564,4B

Pension funds, composed of DB and DC plans, have been the primary means for meeting the retirement requirements of an aging global population

3 Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production $3,325,4B

Industry find and extract crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas reserves throughout the world. 

4 Global Commercial Real Estate $3,167,8B Outbreak of COVID-19 is expected to severely constrict demand as economic uncertainty skyrockets. As a result, industry revenue is expected to fall.


Global Car & Automobile Sales

$3,138,5B Industry experienced growth in beginning of the period as rising global per capita income However, several factors have limited industry expansion.


Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing

$2,976,5B Automakers have gradually put a greater emphasis on increasing fuel efficiency in light of stricter regulatory requirements and consumer demand


Global Direct General Insurance Carriers

$2,535,2B growth of the middle class in emerging markets, such as China, has underpinned the expansion of demand that has driven the industry’s growth as more consumers have purchased insurance products. 
8 Global Commercial Banks $2,341,0B

Increasing commercial banking activity as a result of strong economic performance and positive expectations.

9 Global Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing $1,872,8B

As demand for new automobiles has risen, original equipment manufacturers have demanded more components from industry operators.

10 Global Tourism $1,541,0B Global tourism has performed well during the five-year period, with emerging economies continuing to stimulate growth.