GFriend at grammy

GFriend is the first K-Pop girl group to be invited to this ‘Grammy’ event.

GFriend is the first K-Pop girl group to be invited to this ‘Grammy‘ event AKP STAFF.
GFriend becomes the first K-Pop girl group to be invited to the interview section of the U.S. Grammy Museum’s Mini Masterclass interview.
GFriend’s interview with Grammy Museum’s Mini Masterclass was revealed as they spoke through a video chat.

Mini Master Class is an interview series where artists, music industry workers, and musicians talk about music to influence the youth. GFriend was the first girl group to partake in the special interview with Mark Conklin, the director of artists relations and program at the Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center.
The members talked about various topics, including the qualities needed to succeed in their work, where they got their musical inspiration, and advice for students learning music.

First, they mentioned the qualities and traits of an individual to be successful in the music industry. Sowon replied, “I still have a long way to go, but I think having the proper skill sets is the most important. It’s imperative to get out of your comfort zone and to be someone who improves and moves forward.”

The members also shared what they love the most about doing this work, Yerin replied to the question by saying, “The fact that we’re able to showcase various concepts for our fans is something that I love the most.”

Lastly, the members of GFriend left advice for the young students who dream of becoming an artist. Yuju said, “There’s no use feeling overly proud for something done well or being discouraged for a mistake made. Think through and analyze your shortcomings but also be aware of your strengths.”

The rest of the members agreed with Yuju and replied that the most important thing is to love yourself. SinB added, “Confidence stems from loving yourself. So love yourself a lot!”


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