Deep Sea Living Creatures.

Researching deep-sea animals is like saying “hello” to aliens. These creatures look delicate and creepy. The bodies of deep-sea fish are often see-through. Some have huge eyes and lots glow in the dark! It’s a real challenge to see them, as you can’t just bring them up to the surface. The pressure up here is much lower, and the animals would meet a nasty end. Divers aren’t built to survive the strong pressure under the water. At the moment, only special diving robots can take photos and videos and then bring them back up.

Deep Sea Anglerfish

 What Fish Live the Deepest?

The record holder is currently a fish from the brotula genus. In the Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic Ocean, they’ve been found at a depth of 27,460 ft (8,370 m). There are shrimp-like creatures that also live at breathtaking depths: amphipods live 17,388 ft (5,300 m) under the surface of the water!

Deep Sea Remotely Operated Vehicle

Spooky Spook Fish!

Spook fish get their name thanks to their almost see-through bodies and really spooky looking heads. They live 1,312 – 8,202 ft (400 m – 2,500 m) deep so need to use even the weakest light. Their see-through heads let the light go straight to its eyes. People used to believe that their eyes pointed straight up to spot enemies above them. But researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California found out that the spook fish can rotate its lenses.

  1. The Barbeled Dragonfish Uses Light to Advertise Itself

Deep-sea fish could wait for dead fish to fall down from above. But it takes a while and the animals would lose all nutrients by the time they got down here. How do deep-sea fish get food? They need to be able to attract prey more than any other animal. Like by using light organs. Lots of deep-sea fish also have large stomachs. They need them so that they can eat all of their prey quickly as soon as they’ve caught something.

  1. The Lanternfish Uses its Lantern

The lanternfish has little bags under its eyes that are filled with light-emitting bacteria. Being able to disappear when threatened is a handy trick, so the lanternfish simply closes its eyelids like blinds to stop the bacteria’s light from escaping.

  1. The Viperfish Blinks

A snake or a fish? Both, kind of! The viperfish has teeth that look very similar to the venom fangs of a viper snake. They use these to stab their prey. But this isn’t actually the most interesting thing about them. All over its body, it has up to 1,500 light organs. When touched, its whole body lights up! The viperfish lives at depths of up to 9,842 ft (3,000 m).

  1. The Angler Fish Uses Light to Fish for Fish

The angler fish didn’t get its name by chance. Over its head, there is a very small fin-like growth that looks like a fishing rod. At the end, there’s a little bag of light-emitting bacteria. It looks like this fish is fishing for other fish. Small animals are magically “drawn” to its “light bulb” – and this leads them straight into the angler fish’s mouth.


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