D&D Beyond comes under the wing of Wizards of the Coast in $146 million deal

Fandom, which hosts fan sites for popular titles across movies, games and TV, bought D&D Beyond and the rest of the company’s media assets back in 2017 from game mod and community tool Curse, which was in the process of being absorbed into a deal with Twitch.

“D&D Beyond has been one of our most valuable partners in the digital space for the past six years and we’re excited to bring their best-in-class talent onto our team,” Wizards of the Coast and Digital President Cynthia Williams said. “The team at D&D Beyond has built an incredible digital platform, and together we will deliver the best-possible Dungeons & Dragons experience for players around the world.”

Big news to share! D&D Beyond will become part of the Wizards of the Coast family! You’ll continue to have all of the tools, features and content you know and love from the heart & home of Dungeons & Dragons. More to come – excited to join the party!

D&D Beyond is a digital game companion that’s ubiquitous enough in the scene that you couldn’t be blamed for thinking Wizards already owned it. The company’s website and app serve as a sort of digital Swiss Army knife for D&D players, offering everything from character creation and encounter building to digital dice (use these at your own risk of being judged by your table). The app, which offers paid subscription tiers alongside basic free access, already boasts more than 10 million users.

Prior to the deal, Wizards and D&D Beyond already collaborated closely, with the latter hosting exclusive digital access to all of the official D&D source books. This arrangement has long been a source of consternation among players reluctant to re-buy a digital copy of a physical book they already own, and some are hopeful that pairing digital access with paper source books could be in the cards with the acquisition.

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