Cops seized a man after he had slashed an officer's face and stabbed Turbo the police dog

Cops seized a man after he had slashed an officer’s face and stabbed Turbo the police dog

Footage has emerged of the moment police tasered a suspected armed robber after he stabbed a police dog and his handler.

The Ethical Standards Command is now investigating the incident in Queensland’s south-east after the man later suffered a medical episode and died in police custody.

A senior constable, 32, accompanied by his police dog Turbo, was among the first officers to arrive on scene after being called to reports of an alleged break and enter in the Toowoomba suburb of Mount Lofty shortly before 7pm on Sunday. 

Police said the pair located a man who allegedly lunged at the police officer and slashed his face with a pair of scissors before he stabbed Turbo multiple times.  

Dramatic footage filmed from a nearby home shows an officer firing several taser shots at a man lying in the street. 

The Toowoomba man, 31, was treated at the scene before he suffered a medical episode en route to St Vincent’s Hospital. 

Shocked neighbours in what’s usually a quiet street described the incident as ‘pretty full-on.’ 

‘I saw a man being arrested on the corner there, he was on the ground, police had him down trying to control him,’ Mike Jameson told the ABC.

‘He was yelling out a lot on the ground when he had been subdued, he was putting up a resistance and yelling out.’

The arrest unfolded outside Sud Elelyask’s home.

”We heard [the man] yelling and the police had surrounded him,’ he said. 

The senior constable suffered a minor laceration to his face and minor stab wound to his upper body.

Recovery stage of Turbo, Police Dog

Turbo, a 20-month-old police dog, was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic to undergo surgery for two stab wounds, a shoulder wound and punctured lung.

Queensland Police gave an update on the dog’s condition on Monday afternoon.

‘We are pleased to report, Turbo is out of surgery and is recovering nicely. He is already up and about, bouncing round,’ a statement read.

‘Turbo is now back with his relieved handler. All support is being given to his handler at this time.

‘The Dog Squad and the Queensland Police would like to thank the community for their ongoing support.’

The State Coroner has been advised and the Crime and Corruption Commission will provide independent oversight of the Ethical Standards Command investigation.  

‘We don’t know what the exact circumstances were, whether anything else was involved, pre-existing conditions or anything like that, at the moment so that will all be investigated,’ Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll told reporters


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