Carlow University Selects BlackBeltHelp for 24x7 IT & LMS Help Desk Support

Carlow University Selects BlackBeltHelp for 24×7 IT & LMS Help Desk Support

Under this engagement, BlackBeltHelp will enable secure 24×7 IT & CelticOnline® help desk support for the University’s students, faculty, and staff while reducing the overall support costs.

Carlow University will also leverage the Simplify Platform which provides tools such as SMS Nudging, chatbots, and voice bots. These products will help the University in removing student barriers to remote and hybrid learning while achieving the institutional goals at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits to the Carlow University:

  1. Removing student barriers to remote/online learning
  2. Delivering cost-effective services
  3. Expanding service and increasing efficiency
  4. Reduced costs

The sample scope of support includes (but not limited to):

  1. Password resets (including CelticOnline®, Schoology®, MyPortal®, and WebAdvisor®)
  2. Microsoft Office questions
  3. MS Teams/Zoom questions
  4. Browser/caching issues
  5. Classroom AV issues
  6. Printing issues
  7. LMS access
  8. Referral issues (financial aid, CDLI, campus security, etc.)

About BlackBeltHelp:

BlackBeltHelp is the #1 AI-powered OneStop provider for students, faculty, and staff in higher education. Our OneStop solution – a cloud-based, AI-enabled, and integrated voice, chat, ticket, email, and bot platform provides a multi-channel integrated ecosystem that enables our 200+ institutional partners to remove student barriers and reduce administrative burdens while enabling student success and engagement objectives.