Best Horrific Podcasts



This podcast is now in its third season, but it just doesn’t get the credit it deserves. The series is curated by writer Tonia Ransom, who intended Nightlight to highlight Black authors telling Black stories, and in doing so the show is releasing some of the very best horror stories out there. Some tales veer into romance, some into sci-fi, and some are more standard horror fare, but each story is haunting and unforgettable. Genre faves like reluctant werewolves and murderous mermaids embrace tropes while turning them on their head to give us something new. Each episode runs about half an hour, making it a great lunchtime listen.

Campfire Radio Theater

Though Campfire Radio Theater only debuts new episodes a few times a year, they’re always well worth the wait. The show boasts incredible audio engineering and is meticulously edited to make the audience feel like they’re right in the room while all these terrifying things are happening. Standard horror tropes like zombies and stalkers are given horrifying new life in these modern radio plays. For those who gravitate towards horror that quickens your pulse and gives plenty of jump scares, CRT is among the best in the game.

Scare You To Sleep

Host Shelby Scott initially started Scare You To Sleep as a vehicle to host her own horror stories, but soon expanded to including stories from many different authors. The podcast has a distinctive voice in that it generally tells character studies, but the show also has no issue dropping you right into a slasher story full of disembowelment and gore. Surprisingly brutal for its low-key tone, SYTS is one of the more entertaining horror shows since you really never know what you’re going to get from any one episode.

Knifepoint Horror

Knifepoint Horror has been around for a long time and is frequently featured on other horror podcast lists, but its insistently understated approach to horror is really something to admire. Often these tales are more like character studies than anything else, so by the time you make it to “the scary part,” it’s all the more effective as it comes as a complete surprise. For instance, the episode “Twelve Tiny Cabins” starts as a tale about recovering from hidden trauma, and only halfway through the episode do you realize that it also happens to be about terrifying killer dolls. That all the episodes are written by Soren Narnia gives the series a constant creative vision. Among horror podcasts, KPH is one of the most consistently unsettling.

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Nightmare Magazine

As many fans of horror will know, Nightmare is among the best and most well-known modern anthologies. Currently close to clearing its one-hundredth issue, this series has been going since all the way back to 2012, and has featured stories from some of speculative fiction’s biggest names. You can read many of their back issues for free online, and in many cases still purchase hard copies. That Nightmare is an institution is indisputable, so it’s lucky for us that they’ve brought some of their very best stories to the realm of audio horror. Their archive is full of modern classics, so treat yourself and give them a listen.

Light House

Written and directed by Jeff Heimbuch, Light House is a single-story horror podcast that takes listeners through Tara Hollis’s troubled childhood and her attempts to flee familial abuse caused by the evil entities that inhabited the property long before her family moved there. The combination of old tapes and first-person narrative make for a chilling tale, and the show is one of iHeartRadio’s strongest fiction offerings to date.

Wrong Station

If you’re a fan of the classic radio-style format of horror podcasts, this series is for you. Not only does Wrong Station feature audio engineering that makes you feel like you’re present alongside the story as it unfolds, it has several episodes that go in wildly different directions and as such guarantees something for every horror fan. Taking direct inspiration from beloved old series like Suspense and Lights Out (which has been remastered and re-released via The Horror! podcast) but with a mix of the Twilight Zone and even some ‘80s camp horror thrown in for good measure, this is a podcast that manages to feel new and old both at the same time.


This is another single-story podcast in the vein of Light House, Alice Isn’t Dead, or The Black Tapes. The story follows Lillian Harper, who returns to her Midwestern hometown to care for her ailing mother. Unfortunately, while it turns out you can go home again, you really shouldn’t, and Lillian discovers the thinly veiled mysteries and horrors from her youth given terrifying new context in her adulthood. For people that love a well-paced dive through the darkest corners of childhood, Unwell will grab you in its first few minutes. A perfect binge listen.

Ghosts in the Burbs

Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Ghosts in the Burbs focuses on stories told to schoolteacher Liz Sower by residents of this relatively inconspicuous suburban town. Some of these tales are funny, some of them are chilling, but they’re all ostensibly true…or at least true in the urban legend sense where enough people believe them that they’ve become part of our common lexicon. Out of all the podcasts on this list, Ghosts in the Burbs is perhaps the most endearing due to Liz’s genuine interest in her friends and neighbors, but that isn’t to sell short its scariness — the show’s tales of hauntings and mysterious figures in the night are sure to get your pulse pumping.


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