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BMX Bike

1. We the People

My son rides a WTP CRYSIS. Because I raced motorcycles and he and I ride & race Mnt bikes, MX and he races BMX and ride parks, he knows a lot about testing and and bike setup and about getting something that “works” and not following the crowd and what they think is “sick” at the time. He tried more than half the bikes on this list. I personally have a Haro, and he really wanted a Fit, Sunday We The People or Haro in that order. After testing multiple times (the shops were probably getting sick of us. Laugh out loud) he kept coming back to the WTP. And I could tell that he was more comfortable and do tricks easier and better than on the other bikes.

So of course he would say that his WTP CRYSIS is the best. In fact Fit is Very popular in our area. Most if not all of those riders prefer my son’s WTP over their Fit. I would say test as many bikes and see works best for YOU!

2. Haro

I rode Haro in the 90’s. They were great then, and great now. A very light, beatiful, and durable all around bike. It’s a company that has been around for a few decades, and has continuously improved over the years. Even their entry level Annex is better than most mid levels from other brands. This is coming from someone that’s rode for many years, and not some kid that just wants what his friends have. Not to take anything away from We The People or Fit, but Haro is definitely a step above. Radio, a subsidiary of We The People, should be in the top 7, their Valac is great. I own it too

3. Fit

Okay this list is all wrong, heres the top ten right here, 1 is fit or s&m, 2 is stranger/primo, 3 is odyssey, 4 is profile, 5 is wtp or eclat, 6 is flybikes, 7 is subrosa or shadow, 8 is eastern, 9 is stolen and 10 is haro… and all the way at the bottom of the list is mafiabikes because they are probably the worst bikes of all time and only people who know nothing about bmx own them

4. Mongoose

If you can find it at Walmart, it’s not a real goose. They make damn good bikes, you just gotta cough up the bucks for em. AND don’t buy it at Walmart. I ride a 2011 ravage and it’s solid. Had a 02 custom KO as a kid, no worries there either. Plus anything from the late 80’s early 90’s is going to be better quality than stuff you see today.
Rule of thumb for mongoose – if it’s not old school or doesn’t have a 3 piece crank, it’s probably a Walmart bike and should just get a KENT sticker. Otherwise, these are the OG of the bmx realm

5. Sunday

I have rode lots of different bikes such as fit Sunday fly mongoose haro we the people blank and diamondback, I now ride the orange Sunday spark 2012 and I love it it’s simply the best lightest fastest strongest and nicest bmx I have ever rode I get lots of compliments from my mates at school as well. If your getting a new bike GET A SUNDAY!

6. Eastern

Awesome bike rides smooth when I bought mine I had minor problems. My handle bars were torqued pretty bad, the shop replaced them but they always slipped, I threw mine out and bought s&m medium light bars, bike crank was junk bolt kept falling out took forever but finally it doesn’t want to come undone. Overall awesome bike I’d say the easterns are number 3, s&m 2, and fly in 1st. The frame is rock solid the welds are incredible in the easterns. I don’t know why mongoose is ranked higher than eastern probably because they’re a cheap bike from walmart, so many people have them. If you look at a mongoose the welds are so sloppy compared to an eastern, s&m, or a fly

7. GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles designs and manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles – originally in the United States, and now as a division of Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also markets Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse, Dyno, and RoadMaster bicycle brands; all manufactured in Asia

8. Kink

I have a 2017 KinkGapXL (bought in 2016) its lasted me the past 2 years fenominaly! I absolutely love my bike and am actually looking into getting a 2019 kinkgapfc in the coming few weeks! Me and 5 other buddies ride together and 3 of them have kinkgaps!
Throughout the 2 years our bikes have held up extremely well with crashes falls and scraping along the pavement. The bikes still look like new!
We all can agree we love our bikes. Kinkbmx is the way to go.

9. Diamondback

They are amazing! I’ve got a Venom and it is fantastic! They are very strong and also quite light. Been using mine for 3 years now and there are no signs of wear or tear. I don’t go down the skatepark on it anymore but I used to and it was perfect. Would say is much better than mongoose and I also recommend it for any beginner or intermediate. Eventually you will get better and will probably buy a WeThePeople or something but I seriously have no complaints about this BMX because they are perfect for everything, from going up town on it or doing tricks on, they are just brilliant. I love mine and am not getting rid of it anytime soon.

10. United

I don’t usually post my opinion on blogs or whatever but, united by far is one of the most obsolete BMX bikes out there. I have rode United for three years and have never truly had a problem with the frame, bars, forks, etc. I highly recommend this brand. The bike itself is extremely light and durable. The bike hands down is 9/10 and I cannot fail to mention the attractive trans colors


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