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Pet Alert USA Launches Mission Reunite To Bring Back Your Lost Pet

Posted 13 Nov-2019 09:04 PM by preeti | 47

 Pets are our beloved companion, entertainer. In no time they become just like our family member without whom we can’t imagine our life. They provide their owners both physical and emotional benefit. Walking a dog is beneficial for both the human and the dog with exercise, fresh air and social interaction. Pets give company to elderly adults, kids and people who are living alone. They have a special place in their owner’s heart. And when that pet goes missing and parted with their owner, they feel heart broken. They want their pet back with them as quickly as possible by any means.


According to the CEO and Founder of Pet alert USA, Julien Muller, “One of the best solutions for the pet parents who are missing their pets badly and, on the way to search them. This is created by some pet lovers in order to help pet owners reunite with their pet. There are so many ways to find out the missing pet. At that time of searching the missing pet, when first 24 hours are very prominent and time is tickling very fast, people get puzzled and in hurry they don’t know how to cop up with the situation nicely. But in that case pet alert USA is standing with you with its best solutions.”


Some very helpful services to reunite you from your pet are as follows:


The first thing advised during pet search is thoroughly check your house and adjoining areas and neighborhoods. They will localize your search in your particular area from where you lost your pet. They will target extremely precise geographical area –a 6-mile radius from your house or the area where you lost your pet.


They will quickly post about the missing pet to all the residents within 6-mile radius, and even to those who are not following the page of pet alert. Thus, increasing the chances of getting information from all of them residing nearby and getting any clue from them.


“Social media is very helpful and a boon in that difficult situation. Pet alert is a network of hundreds of local pages with a massive audience that will help in reuniting of missing pet. Boost by pet alert allows the pet parent to boost visibility where the pet went lost to maximize the visibility or post to the local area from where the pet goes missing. This will instantly increase drastically the chances of finding your pet without much effort as they will cover all the people in that particular area and even those who are not on that page. Facebook provide priority to this news and will show several times in newsfeed to a maximum of people staying in a radius of few miles of the last seen position of the animal.” Says Julien.


Boost by pet alert rates are according to people to be targeted are minimum $ 25 (between 7000 to 15000 people reached), optimum $ 50 (25000 to 40000 people reached), maximal $ 100 (up to 100,000 people reached).


Julien further says, “Pet Alert is a worldwide community like in France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. In the USA, the states currently covered are Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, California, Nevada, Washington, Minnesota, Pennsylvania etc. So they have such a vast presence and experience from all over the world to make lost pet and their parent unite and be happy. So, join and avail their services for fruitful and safe finding of your pet.”


Media Contact:


Pet Alert USA

Julien Muller

[email protected]


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